Institutional Awards

National Science Foundation (NSF). $12,000. (Julie Vastine, ALLARM). “Learning to See, Seeing to Learn: A Sociotechnical System Supporting Taxonomic Identification Activities in Volunteer-Based Water Quality Biomonitoring” is an Innovations in Development proposal to build and study a cyber-enhanced visual learning environment to support observational practices and classification skills in a citizen science context. Our project focuses on the particular challenge of training volunteers to collect high-quality and reliable data—in this case, biotic data for water quality assessment projects. ALLARM is a partner in this larger project with the lead institution, Carnegie Mellon University.

Faculty Awards

PSI CHI, the International Honor Society in Psychology, 2014-2015 Psi Chi Faculty Advisor Research Grant. $2,000. (Suman Ambwani, Psychology). “But why do we continue to fat talk? An experimental investigation of college women’s reactions to body disparaging conversations.”

Paul Sacher Stiftung – Research Grant. $13,860. (Amy Wlodarski, Music) “Postwar Humanism and the Music of George Rochberg.”

Student Awards