Interior of the Treehouse residence building at Dickinson College.

Special Interest Housing (SIH) gives students a unique opportunity to collaborate with other students by creating affinity communities with common goals and purpose.  SIH creates the conditions for engaged citizenship and self-governance that enables self-directed living environments around a shared theme, issue or interest.  The SIH program encourages group and individual social and intellectual development while simultaneously contributing to the intellectual and social life of the College.

Each SIH program must identify a student who will serve as a liaison between Residence Life and Housing and the program. 

The House Manager helps administer the program outlined in the SIH charter and goals.  In addition the house manager participates in house opening and closing at the beginning and end of each semester, maintains an accurate and current roster of students enrolled in the program, and reports facility and safety concerns.

Each SIH group should identify and continually work with a faculty or staff advisor to execute programs, plan goals, and expectations and seek mentoring/advice relating to the House program.

Each SIH program is responsible for completing a House Charter, which reflects the values, core expectations and purpose of the program.  The charter acts as a guide for the SIH group and provides insight into the philosophy and character of the House.

Special Interest Programs for 2015-16 include:

Program Location House Manager Faculty/Staff Advisor
Arts Collective 531 W Louther Jack Lodge Todd Arsenault
Bike House Davidson Wilson 110 Katie Gimbert Glen Peterman
Classics 417 W Louther Joelle Cicak Scott Farrington
Community Service Davidson Wilson 140 Meg Moran Donna Hughes
Dog House 513 W Louther Elizabeth Wilford Angie Harris
Feminist Collective 135 N College Ariana Watson Megan Yost
Global Community 

Todd House
41 N College

Miray Kaplangi Beza Wossene
Human Cultures

Strayer/Carriage Houses

Anna Robinette Karen Weinstein
Music Society 49 S College Michael Daniel Jennifer Blyth
Outdoor Education 383 W Louther Naviya Kafle Anna McGinn
Romance Languages  Reed House Jeremy Pozner Luca Trazzi
ROTC 448 W High Simeon Khan John Haiduck
Russian 46 S West St Allison Stroyan Elena Duzs
Social Justice Stuart Hall Maretta Sonn, Alejandro Heredia Crystal Moten
Spectrum 425 W Louther St Kitson Smyth Erica Gordon
The Site

3rd Floor
25/27 W High

Julia Nadeau Sarah Skaggs
Treehouse 532 W Louther Mackenzie Johnson Julie Vastine
Wellness Living

Mathews House

Gloria Hwang, Hartwell Rainey

Alecia Sundsmo

Special Interest Houses may occupy a single building or a portion of a larger facility. They are reviewed annually by Residence Life & Housing.  Groups assigned housing in a Special Interest House are expected to fill their assigned spaces with group members. If a violation of the Community Standards occurs within a Special Interest House, the College will determine whether to bring charges against specific individuals and/or the organization as a whole. Failure to maintain occupancy may result in loss of housing. Special Interest Houses are available to upper-class students.

Students interested in learning about how to start a Special Interest House should be in contact with Residence Life & Housing.  The process for new house applications occurs each year in late February/early March.