Our Mission

An Overview

The Dickinson College Women’s & Gender Resource Center builds gender education and equality into the life of the institution through space and community, resources and skills, and events and opportunities.

Dickinson College opened its first institutional Women’s Center in 2008, but the Women’s & Gender Resource Center (WGRC) has existed in a variety of forms since 1983. It is significant that this year also marked the bicentennial of the college’s founding. Dickinson has been a trailblazer in women’s education; female-identified students were admitted to the college in 1884, nearly a century in advance of students at Franklin and Marshall, Princeton, and a host of other top American institutions. Dickinson’s pursuit of independence and active learning necessitates that all of our students benefit from the competitive edge of gender-based education.

The WGRC at Dickinson College presents opportunities for integrated learning in five key areas:


The Women’s & Gender Resource Center Director serves in a hybrid faculty/administrator role, teaching one course per semester in Women’s and Gender Studies.  The Center also offers collaborative educational programs, such as Women’s and Gender Studies Faculty Research Lunches.


As a campus-wide resource, the Women’s & Gender Resource Center brings together students and staff who would normally not interact through programs, events, or educational opportunities to discuss something we all share:  gender.  As well, Landis House, in which the Women’s & Gender Resource Center is located, serves as a hub for multiple offices and student organizations such that students and staff use it to access resources, build partnerships, socialize, and learn from one another in a vibrant and welcoming community.


The Women's & Gender Resource Center Internship Program offers transcript notation for students to build professional skills and core competencies while serving on a street team that coordinates programs and outreach for the WGRC. The Women's & Gender Resource Center is also available to provide consultation and programs for organizational development among Greek and other campus women’s leadership groups.

Gender Equality

As an office in Student Development, the Women’s & Gender Resource Center contributes actively to committee and policy work on diversity, assessment, student culture, and gender-based violence.

Healthy Community

The Center supports Violence Prevention Coordinator Dorothy Andrews in her leadership on violence prevention and response through the college’s $298,097 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Violence Against Women (2010-2013). As a Student Development office, the WGRC also provides alternative, healthy social space for students and participates in committee and advocacy work advancing an equitable, safe campus community.

More details on our mission and strategies can be found in our Strategic Plan.