Discounted Software and Hardware for Home Use

Current employees and students may benefit from Dickinson's association with the organizations listed below to realize discounts for software, hardware, and peripheral technology for home/personal use.

Microsoft Office: All current Dickinson employees and students may download and use the latest Microsoft Office Suite for their personal Windows and Mac computers.  Simply log into Office 365 ( and click on "Install Office 2016" button in the upper-right.

OnTheHub (Kivuto): OnTheHub offers many discounted software titles (Adobe, Minitab, SPSS, etc.) to students and employees.  Students are eligible for Windows 10 Education Edition for FREE.  See what is available at the Dickinson OnTheHub webstore ( and click "Register" in the upper-right corner to create a free account using your email account.

JourneyEd:  Dickinson's association with AICUP (Assoc. of Independent Colleges and Universities of PA) and JourneyEd (our multi-channel software marketer to academic institutions) affords employees and students discounts for a large selection of software titles (Adobe, Microsoft Windows/Office, COREL, QuickBooks, etc.), hardware (iPads, Surfaces, Laptops, etc.), and peripherals (printers, monitors, headsets, cables, etc.) from the JourneyEd store:

Apple:  Apple resells some hardware and software at locations such as BestBuy and Walmart, but you can only get educational discount pricing from the Apple Higher-Ed Store here:

Dell:  Similarly, employees and students can receive educational discounts on Dell hardware (computers, monitors, etc.) from the Dell Educational Store here:    (Member ID [if prompted]: US126357265)

Verizon, AT&T and Sprint:  All three major cellular providers offer educational discounts to service fees and hardware.  Enter your Dickinson email address and/or mobile phone number into the appropriate website to receive the discounts on your bill going forward.

Please note: You may be required to confirm your association with Dickinson for any of the above sites via your email address.  All purchases of software are licensed to you, and anything purchased can be shipped anywhere you prefer (ie. it does not have to be shipped to your location at the College).