The ALLARM staff is comprised of the directors and the student watershed coordinators. Students have a variety of roles in the office but their responsibilities often overlap creating a dynamic office community. The ALLARM staff fosters a community where collaboration thrives to accomplish the organization's historic mission. The collaborative atmosphere also fosters new ideas and projects as the organization moves into the future.

Julie Vastine

DirectorJulie Vastine

As the executive director of ALLARM I am responsible for leading the ALLARM program, working with ALLARM’s fabulous students, and providing technical assistance to watershed communities to monitor, protect, and restore water quality.

Watershed Address: LeTort Spring Run, Conodoguinet Creek, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Jinnie MonismithJinnie Monismith

Assistant Director

I help communities in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed develop and implement stream monitoring programs in order to learn more about their local watershed and address their concerns. I am privileged to work with ALLARM’s Watershed Coordinators on laboratory and GIS projects and the Watershed Education Program. Outside of ALLARM, I enjoy spending time with my family and gardening.

Watershed Address: Meetinghouse Run, Conodoguinet Creek, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Candie WildermanCandie Wilderman Photo

Founder, Science Advisor

As the science advisor for ALLARM, most of my duties involve helping with the development of scientific protocols for monitoring programs. I also advise on the educational approaches for training and technical support. Outside of ALLARM I enjoy hiking and kayaking with my family and friends, working in my yard and garden, and most of all spending time with my husband, children and young granddaughters.

Watershed Address: Willow Creek, Cedar Run, Yellow Breeches Creek, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Natalie McNeillNatalie McNeill

Outreach Manager

As ALLARM's Outreach Manager, I oversee our shale gas monitoring program, which includes training volunteers, providing technical assistance, and helping with data management and interpretation. I also manage ALLARM's outreach on campus and regionally through social media and other web platforms, publications, and online resources. Outside of ALLARM, I enjoy being outdoors, reading, and cooking.

Watershed Address: LeTort Spring Run, Conodoguinet Creek, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Helen SchlimmHelen Schlimm

Community Science Specialist

As ALLARM’s Community Science Specialist, I work with communities in the Chesapeake Bay watershed to collect volunteer monitoring data to be used within the scope of our Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative partnership. I also work in the lab and with our students to ensure the quality of our data and assist in other Chesapeake Bay watershed technical matters. Outside ALLARM, I enjoy hiking, kayaking, cooking, and being with cats.

Watershed Address: LeTort Spring Run, Conodoguinet Creek, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Jake BeleyJake Beley

Watershed Coordinator - Volunteer Monitoring
Class of 2018

My position focuses on assisting ALLARM in incorporating various technologies to improve data handling and the community study-design process. Additionally, I contribute to various outreach and community events throughout the year. At Dickinson, I am a member of the Varsity Swim Team, a First Year Mentor, and a WILD leader.

Sara JohnsonSara Johnson

Watershed Coordinator - Volunteer Monitoring
Class of 2018

This year I am excited to work on the Volunteer Monitoring Research Team. My position focuses on community education programs and water policy research. On campus, I am also the coordinator of the annual Women’s Retreat and a co-president of Sister Circle.  

Watershed address: Upper Red Run, Gwynns Falls, Upper Patapsco, Gunpowder-Patapsco, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Cheyenne MooreCheyenne Moore

Watershed Coordinator - Buffer, Volunteer Monitoring
Class of 2018

This year I am working on the Buffer and Volunteer Monitoring teams. On the Buffer team I am helping to maintain buffer health and prepare Buffer pass on documents. In Volunteer Monitoring I am doing work with GIS, as well as working on a few other projects.

Watershed Address: Buck Run, Deer Creek, Moshannon Creek, West Branch of the Susquehanna River, Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Allison CurleyAllison Curley

Watershed Coordinator - Stormwater
Class of 2019

As a member of the stormwater team, my position focuses on connecting ALLARM with the community to mitigate negative effects of stormwater runoff. For the Fall semester I am organizing a stormwater education and public participation event as my Capstone project for Montgomery Service Leaders, the program that initially placed me with ALLARM. Outside of ALLARM I am part of the Italian and Geology Clubs, work as a peer tutor and Multilingual Writing Center tutor, copy edit the Dickinson Science Magazine, and this Fall am a Learning Community Coordinator.

Watershed Address: Rahway River, Raritan Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Nick LongNick Long

Watershed Coordinator - Lab
Class of 2019

I work in the lab running quality control water samples and helping make sure the lab stays in good shape. When not in the lab, I conduct research on multiple topics. These include place-based science, the role of volunteer monitoring in keeping the Chesapeake Bay healthy, and a volunteer macroinvertebrate monitoring protocol. This year, I hope to increase my knowledge in the lab and in the realm of community science. I’m also involved with the ultimate frisbee team and the Arts Collective. Aside from volunteer water quality monitoring, I am interested in marine biology and conservation. I spend my free time outside looking for cute cats and dogs, but I also like going on hikes and spending time with friends.

Watershed Address: Assabet River, Merrimack River, Atlantic Ocean

Tom O'DonnellTom O'Donnell Photo

Watersed Coordinator - Community Education, Stormwater
Class of 2019

My purpose at ALLARM is to connect with members of the local community through educational presentations and the distribution of other stream-related resources to increase their understanding of stormwater and stormwater regulation within Carlisle. On campus, I am involved with the Outing Club, Feminist Collective, and Geology Club. In my free time, I enjoy listening to 90s rock music, hiking, and writing poetry.

Watershed Address: Rahway River, Raritan Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Hayat RasulHayat Rasul Photo

Watershed Coordinator - Community Education, Outreach
Class of 2019

Within ALLARM, I utilize web/design resources as a means of reaching out to the Dickinson community about our work on campus as well as outside the Carlisle community. I assist in creating the “Water Facts” posters around campus and take advantage of creativity and social media to maintain awareness of ALLARM’s whereabouts. This year, I look forward to curating relationships between Dickinson and Carlisle through the new program, the Carlisle Institute for Lifelong Learning. On campus, I am a facilitator of the Feminist Collective and a member of eXiled Poetry Society.

Watershed Address: Big Tujunga Creek, Upper Los Angeles River, Malibu Creek, Sepulveda Basin, North Santa Monica Bay, Pacific Ocean

Juliet RiskoJuliet Risko

Watershed Coordinator - Community Education, Volunteer Monitoring
Class of 2019

My position includes extending ALLARM’s resources to the greater Carlisle community in the form of an educational and hands-on workshop series, and training of volunteer monitors. Through these projects, I hope to encourage public engagement in monitoring water quality and stream health. Personally, my goals for this semester include effectively managing my time between ALLARM, Alpha Phi Omega, Eco-Reps, English as a Second Language, and Volleyball.

Watershed Address: Malibu Creek, Malibu Lagoon, Pacific Ocean

Xinyi WuXinyi Wu

Watershed Coordinator - Lab
Class of 2019

This year I am part of the lab team. The lab work is mainly about checking samples and data sent by volunteers, and preparing equipment for different workshops. Besides lab, I am excited to join all kinds of community events. I am involved in Japanese Aesthetics Club. In my spare time, I love cooking and doing yoga.

Watershed Address: Huangpu River, Yangtze River, East China Sea, Pacific Ocean

Ben AhernBen Ahern

Watershed Coordinator - Lab
Class of 2020

I am involved in laboratory aquatic research and look forward to learning more about the technical processes ALLARM uses in the lab. Besides ALLARM, I am in the Outing Club, club lacrosse, and a fraternity.  

Watershed Address: Assabet River, Concord River, Merrimack River, Atlantic Ocean    

Katherine AltamiranoAltamirano

Watershed Coordinator - Lab, Volunteer Monitoring
Class of 2020

At ALLARM, I work in the lab testing volunteer samples sent to us from the community. I am also using GIS to create maps for volunteers depicting their watersheds. This is my first semester at ALLARM and I am looking forward to attending workshops this semester. At Dickinson, I am also involved in the Dickinson College Community Orchestra and I am writing tutor in the Multilingual Writing Center.

Watershed Address: Eightmile Brook, Housatonic River, Long Island Sound, Atlantic Ocean

Meredith JonesMeredith Jones

Watershed Coordinator - Stormwater, Outreach
Class of 2020

This year I am working with the ALLARM stormwater team to coordinate events. I am also designing posters and other educational materials. I am involved in Dickinson’s Art Collective and several service organizations. In my free time, I love to draw and paint!

Watershed Address: Lower Connecticut, Connecticut River, Block Island Sound, Atlantic Ocean

Abby KaijaAbby Kaija

Watershed Coordinator - Buffer, Outreach
Class of 2020

I am a part of the Buffer team, which works to maintain the riparian buffer, near the Dickinson college farm. The buffer is a great educational opportunity and habitat for Pennsylvania wildlife. This year my goal is to become a confident Pennsylvania naturalist to help tackle some invasive species. I am also a member of the Dickinson Women’s Soccer team, Montgomery Service Leaders, Dickinson Christian Fellowship, and the Presidential Committee for Environmental Sustainability.

Watershed Address: Mill Brook, Mill Pond, Connecticut River, Atlantic Ocean

Rachel KrewsonRachel Krewson

Watershed Coordinator - Lab
Class of 2020

This year, I am working in the ALLARM laboratory to prepare equipment for workshops and run quality control tests on the samples sent into the lab by volunteers in the community. I am also involved in Dickinson’s Outing Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Challah for Hunger, Kappa Alpha Theta, and serve the Social Justice House as an Eco-Rep.

Watershed Address: Perkiomen Creek, Schuylkill River, Delaware River, Delaware Bay, Atlantic Ocean

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