Events and Guests During the 2014/2015 Academic Year

Thomas Glavinic

Thomas Glavinic (Foto: Ingo Pertramer)

Thomas Glavinic (Foto: Ingo Pertramer)

The German Department welcomes Thomas Glavinic as Max Kade Writer-in-Residence in Spring 2015. Glavinic is an Austrian author whose debut novel Carl Haffners Liebe zum Unentschieden (1998, translated as Carl Haffner's Love of the Draw) was about the life of the chess master Carl Schlechter. Since then he has written numerous novels, including the prize-winning crime novel Der Kameramörder (2001, translated as The Camera Killer), Wie man leben soll (2004), Die Arbeit der Nacht (2006, translated as Nightwork) and  Das bin doch ich (2007), which was nominated for a German Book Prize and was on the Shortlist. His most recent novel, Das größere Wunder (2013), tells the story of a man's expedition on Mount Everest.

Mr. Glavinic will hold a public reading on April 9th and spend time with students in classes and at our weekly German Table. 

Michael Ott 

Dr. Ott is a Germanist, who will be visiting professor at the Universität Konstanz (University of Constance) starting April 2015 and was a faculty member at the Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität München. He has written on German literature around 1800 and is currently working on mountains in German literature. His manuscript Poetiken der Höhe. Der alpine Diskurs und die deutschsprachige Literatur der Moderne is soon to be published.

Dr. Ott will hold a public lecture on March 4th and meet with students in German courses.