The Emeriti program is a tax-advantaged way to save now for health care costs during retirement.

Full-time employees age 21 or older are eligible to contribute to the Emeriti Reimbursement Benefit.

Dickinson makes employer contributions to full-time employees upon the age of 35 with at least one year of full-time service. The employer contribution is made to the Emeriti Reimbursement Benefit Account.

The Emeriti Reimbursement Benefit - an innovative, tax-free way to pay for qualified out-of-pocket medical expenses.  This plan is administered by a third-party administrator.  It is known as the VEBA or Emeriti Retiree Health Plan.

  • Effective 7/1/05, the amount of Dickinson's monthly contribution was $12.50 ($150.00 annually)
  • Effective 7/1/10, the amount of Dickinson's monthly contribution increased to $20.67
  • Effective 1/1/11, the amount of Dickinson's monthly contribution is $21.66 ($260.00 annually)

The Emeriti Health Insurance Plan - a specially designed health insurance program for retirees and their dependents that complements Medicare.  This plan is currently underwritten by Aetna.  It is known as the Grantor Trust or Emeriti Fully Insured Retiree Health Plan.

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