Paper Pay Advices No Longer Printed, View in SSB via Gateway

Effective July 1, 2015, we will no longer be printing paper pay advices.  In addition to supporting the College’s sustainability goal, this procedure will also add increased security of personal information.  Employees will use Self Service Banner (SSB) to view and/or print advices from any computer.

Please note that pay advices will continue to be emailed to those employees with a Dickinson email address and paper checks will continue to be mailed to the home address on file.

Self Service Banner is available by logging onto the Dickinson Gateway at

Once you have logged into SSB follow the navigation path below to access and print your pay statement:

  • Employee Information
  • Pay Information
  • Pay Stub
  • Select year (current year is the default)
  • Display
  • Select the date you want to view
  • To print, click the printer friendly button at the bottom left hand corner.
  • From the menu bar click file, then print.

For assistance with your username or password, contact the Help Desk at ext. 1000 or by emailing

If you need further assistance navigating SSB, contact the Payroll office at ext. 1544 or by emailing

Thank you for joining us in our effort to become more sustainable.