Frequently Asked Questions

*Where do I find the application for: 
Travel Application
Kenderdine Application
All other funding requests

*Where do I find the expense form?
Electronic Expense Form

*Where do I send the original receipts?
AP Van Buskirk, Old West, 2nd Floor, Room 17

*Should I send the application and expense forms electronically or in campus mail?
In our attempt to be more sustainable, please send all forms electronically to

*Are copies of receipts for purchases that are made on department credit cards acceptable?
Yes, financial operations require originals to be sent with cost allocation reports each month.  Copies of receipts are permitted in this instance.  All other purchases must have original receipts to be reimbursed.  Invoices sent to you from online purchases are also permissible.

*Do I need to apply before traveling to present at a conference?
Yes.  Approval prior to the trip is required for the R&D Committee’s budget planning (with estimated expenses on application—can be adjusted after trip). The application (and backup documents - invitation/acceptance to present, program, copy of presentation) are used to prepare an award letter for R&D approval signature.

*How long do I have to submit receipts for reimbursement? 
For all approved R&D grants,  receipts should be submitted within 30 days of completion of  grant expenditures.

*How do I figure out the correct exchange rate for international travel?
You need to check exchange rates at (Note that you need to enter the dates of when your purchases were made. Otherwise you will get today's exchange rate.)

*Can my Student Faculty Research/ Dana Research Assistant have another job on campus during our project? 
No, due to labor laws students can only work a maximum of 40 hours a week.