Margot Abrahams ’17

When looking for an academic institution to thrive and grow as an individual I imagined one where I could be both challenged and encouraged by faculty and peers a like. I have found all of this and more since I started attending Dickinson College two years ago. Not only did I find an academically challenging school, I also found a community that has become more than just a school to attend. The opportunities I have gotten socially, academically, and as a dancer have been astounding. Clubs such as the Feminist Collective and the Dance Theatre Group have helped me find peers that share my interests as well as challenge my view of issues facing my generation today. Performing at Lake Placid this summer with some of my peers through Dickinson College gave me the chance to challenge myself as a dancer and performer as well.

As a women’s, gender & sexuality studies major I have been able to learn from a large number of inspiring professors, and a liberal arts education has given me the chance to apply my interests in more fields than just one. I have learned how to apply sustainable thought to my major, and how to add an international perspective to my work. Not only have I been able to learn from professors, I have also learned from my peers. Dickinson creates an environment where everyone is challenged as well as encouraged to grow by both faculty and peers. I look forward to the many more opportunities that will come to me in my junior and senior year.

Please feel free to contact me to speak about life on campus, the dance program, or the women’s, gender & sexuality studies program at any time. Contact me at