Paige Hamilton ’17

With over a hundred clubs and activities, students are encouraged to participate in as many as they want. I’ve been able to dedicate time to theatre, something I love but never had the time for in high school, as well as athletics. The stage, fields, and courts have been invaluable resources for me not only because they provide a way to unwind but also met students from across disciplines and year. I have met some of my closest friends and mentors this way.

I have grown close to those in my courses as well. The distribution requirements have been a blessing since they too has introduced me to people outside my own major. However, more importantly, they have exposed me to new concepts and ideas. Sociology is by nature a flexible major and thus has blended seamlessly with many of the outside courses I have taken. This helps me understand both new topic better and sociology, as my professors encourage me to understand the field’s nuances.

However, my most impactful Dickinson experiences have not been at Dickinson. They have been abroad. Studying abroad with the Dickinson program in Norwich, England, I was accompanied by 12 other students, a professor and his wife who held Friday night dinners for us. Comforted and supported by this amazing “family,” I had the confidence to challenge myself there: navigating the London underground alone and language barriers during weekend travels, and enrolling in courses with over 50 other students at the University of East Anglia. The following semester, I returned to Dickinson, matured and ready for the next adventure. A month later, I travelled with a research team, the professors and students in my Mediterranean migration mosaic, to Italy. Over the course of three weeks, we conducted interviews to better understand the migration crisis from the perspective of migrants themselves and European government officials. This unique opportunity to conduct fieldwork has been crucial for me as an academic since it inspired me to continue studying this issue after Dickinson.

If you have any questions, my email is, I’m happy to help you figure out if Dickinson is a good fit. Each year I spend at here, I grow significantly as an individual and intellectual. Encouraged to brave the waters outside of my comfort zone, Dickinson has supported me in pursuing new extracurriculars and academic fields and for this, I will forever be thankful.