Jessica Lizardo ’17

Dickinson is a special place that I consider my second home. I have developed relationships that will last a lifetime, and for this I am forever grateful. Dickinson is a stimulating environment that is active and engaged. Its endless resources and opportunities have shaped me to become a more educated, responsible and passionate person.

Some of the many things that I love about Dickinson are the small classroom settings, the access to resources, and the support from professors. This place is special and unique because you are in an environment where people are supporting you to be the best that you can be. Through its liberal-arts approach, Dickinson challenges us to learn about new things and to develop an interest in things that we never thought we would be interested in before. For example, I had the opportunity to learn about sustainability and social justice, something that I would never have thought I’d be interested in. Now I take eco-friendlier actions and educate my loved ones on the importance of being sustainable. Every academic department at Dickinson is special and supportive. I am majoring in sociology, and the department is filled with compassionate, intelligent and helpful staff who are willing to move mountains for you as long as you are willing to work hard.

Through Dickinson’s focus on global education I had the privilege to study abroad in South America in the spring semester of my junior year. This experience allowed me to immerse myself into two cultures, that of Ecuador and Argentina. The highlight of this experience for me is that it has sparked my interest in learning more about social injustices in South America. Studying abroad was great, but being on campus is the best! On campus I am able to participate in different clubs and organization that are welcoming and fun. Aside from academics, I can always count on an organization that can keep me busy, my favorite being belly dance. Dickinson works closely with the Carlisle community, and community service activities are available always. Through the Montgomery Service Leaders program I get the chance to go to the Carlisle YMCA every week and facilitate workshops for the youth. All of these opportunities have improved my leadership, social and academic skills.

My journey at Dickinson is soon coming to an end, and I hope that in this last year I continue to take advantage of everything that Dickinson has to offer me. I am an aspiring educator, mentor, activist and leader in my community and I owe this all to Dickinson. This is a special place and I hope that future students experience the amazing things that I have. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact me at