Multilingual Writing Center - Receive help with your written Russian work from peer-tutors.

Marianna Bogojavlensky Prize in Russian - Awarded to a graduating student exemplifying excellence in Russian studies

Job and Fellowship Resources

Idealist - A portal for nonprofit positions.

Russian and East European Institute - links to lists of web sites of companies and organizations that frequently hire in the Russian and East European fields.

Boren Awards - Scholarships to Russia and the Former Soviet Union.

Flagship Language Program – Intensive Russian language study in St. Petersburg.

Major Resources

Johnson's Russia List - A daily email newsletter with information and analysis of contemporary Russia.

Online Directory - A directory for Russian cultural resources.

Language Study

The Slavic and East European Language Resource Center - This page focuses on resources for Russian: grammars, dictionaries, word games, encyclopedias. The SEELRC has resources for other languages as well.

Russian On-line Reference: Grammar - Hosted by Bucknell University, this site offers practical study of Russian grammar. You can find information about installing cyrllic fonts on your computer, lessons on different parts of speech, and reading exercises.

Promt's Online Translator - Translate between Russian and either English, French, German, or Italian. This site can also be used to translate websites and email.

Anecdotes from Russia - Jokes and anecdotes from Russia.

YourDictionary - Provides access to a number of general and specialized on-line dictionaries, both English-Russian and Russian-English. You can also try the Russian-English-Russian on-line dictionary at Yandex.

Learn Russian - A great way to keep your Russian up over the summer. From the beginning to the high-intermediate level, includes dialogues, graded exercises, and graded unit tests. Log-in to track your progress.

200 Russian Tests - Russian language tests from the Intermediate through Advanced level.

Russian Language Portal - a blog dedicated to links for Russian language learning, including music videos with subtitles and accompanying exercises. 

History and Culture

The State Hermitage Museum - Information about the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, including collections and exhibits. Many high-quality images of art objects are available. This site was designed and built by IBM in 1997 and contains many special technologies.

Revelations from the Russian Archives - A Library of Congress exhibit, which presents twenty-five original Soviet documents in English translation.

Museums in Russia - all museums of Russia.

Illustrated History of St. Petersburg - An organized and pictoral history of St. Petersburg in English.

From the Ends to the Beginning - A Bilingual Anthology of Russian Verse. Poets - Listen and watch Russian poets reading their verses.

Early Twentieth Century Russian Drama - Drama 

Mass Media Resources

The Voice of Russia - A state-owned radio company. This multilingual site offers hundreds of feature programs on aspects of life in Russia, as well as daily news programs in six languages. Information is also available about Russian culture, the economy, current events, science, and technology.

Russia Today - A Global Online Community, with news, a search engine, and other services.

Round Table - An ecumenical forum sponsered by the World Council of Churches and the Russian Orthodox Church, and also involving inter-church aid agencies outside Russia and other Churches in Russia. This site contains information about Round Table projects, newsletters, and other resource materials.

Internet Portal - Internet portal of intellectual youth.