Department Highlights

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Anthony Underwood whose co-authored paper "The sharing economy helps fight climate change (but not as much as you think)" is featured in The Washington Post. The paper discusses the ecological impact of sharing. Click here to read it in its entirety.

Associate Professor Ebru Kongar Receives Award
In the latest Dickinson's news, Associate Professor Ebru Kongar was honored for her receipt of the Jean Shackelford Award for Outstanding Service to the International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE). As stated in the article, "this award celebrates the work of an individual whose initiative, imagination or persistent efforts and dedication promote lasting contributions in advancing IAFFE's goals". To read the complete article, please follow this link.

Associate Professor Ebru Kongar featured in The Levy Economic's Institute Working Paper Collection
Associate Professor Ebru Kongar had a working paper featured in The Levy Economics Institute Working Paper Collection. The Working Paper No. 884, February 2017 titled "Gendered Patterns of Time Use over the Life Cycle: Evidence from Turkey" was co-authored by Professors Ebru Kongar and Emel MemiƟ.To read the complete article, please follow the following link.

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