“… No one of all the sentiments with which we are governed is so productive of happiness as Philanthropy.” – Josiah F. Kennedy, Class of 1855

The Devils’ Advocates Student Philanthropy Council provides an opportunity for students to learn and educate their peers about the importance of philanthropy, and to lead engagement activities that enhance students’ understanding and raise support for the Dickinson Fund throughout the academic year. Members represent Dickinson with the highest level of integrity, professionalism and school spirit.

Throughout the year, the Devils' Advocates Student Philanthropy Council hosts and attends events to enhance awareness about giving to Dickinson. Those events include:


  • Charter Day
  • Activities Fair
  • Homecoming & Family Weekend
  • Student donor engagement events
  • Day of Giving: an annual day dedicated to raising awareness and support for the Dickinson Fund via social media outreach and on-campus programming
  • A Day to Thank: an annual day dedicated to thanking alumni, parents and other community members who have supported the Dickinson Fund
  • New member recruitment/selection event(s)