101 Elementary Spanish

104 Elementary Spanish

116 Intermediate Spanish

120 Spanish for Heritage Speakers

200 Malaga Summer Immersion

230 Advanced Grammar

231 Spanish Composition

238 Spanish for Business Professions

239 Spanish for the Health Professions

250 Spanish for Academic Contexts in Mendoza

251 Spanish for Academic Contexts in Málaga

252 Ecuador and the Andes: Culture, History and Society

295 Introduction to U.S. Latina/o Literature and Culture

305 Introduction to Literary Analysis and Theory

310 Medieval Iberian Texts and Literatures

311 Pre-Columbian and Colonial Spanish American Texts

320 Studies in Spanish Golden Age Texts

321 Late Colonial and Nineteenth-Century Latin American Literatures

330 Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Spanish Literature

331 Modernismo and Vanguardias

340 Modern and Contemporary Spanish Literature

341 Studies in Twentieth-Century Spanish American Texts

350 Latino/Latina Literatures

351 U.S. Latina/o-Caribbean Literature

360 Introduction to Translation Studies

362 Argentina in a Latin American Context

365 Intro to Hispanic Linguistics

366 Introduction to Spanish Sociolinguistics

371 Literary Analysis of Hispanic Texts

372 Spanish Society and Culture

373 Spanish and Hispanoarab Art

374 Spain and the European Union

380 Topics in Hispanic and Luso-Brasilian Studies

381 Topics in Hispanic Studies

385 Topics in Latina/o Studies

410 Seminar in Hispanic Literature