Spring 2018

Course Code Title/Instructor Meets
WRPG 101-02 U.S. Culture and Academic Writing for International Students
Instructor: Nadine Cooper
Course Description:
This course introduces international students to important U.S. cultural conversations while also explaining the forms, conventions, and expectations of U.S. academic writing. Students will read texts from various disciplines, such as sociology, history, and literature, which provide different perspectives on issues of race, ethnicity, and gender. Through class discussion and writing assignments, students will examine some of the diverse identities within the U.S. and will develop a critical understanding of the issues of power and privilege that shape the interaction between dominant and subordinated groups. Also, students will learn about U.S. academic discourse by practicing the research and writing processes and analyzing the choices U.S. writers make in organization and argument. As a result, the course will help international students make the transition to U.S. culture and academic life at Dickinson College.Full credit. Offered every year.
1500:TF   BOSLER 307
WRPG 211-01 Multiculturalism: Race, Rhetoric, and Writing
Instructor: Sheela Jane Menon
Course Description:
Cross-listed with ENGL 221-01. Multiculturalism is often celebrated as the ideal approach to managing racial, cultural, and religious differences within society. However, this concept has also been critiqued for the ways in which it masks systemic inequalities and deep-seated prejudices. Focusing on questions of race, power, and privilege, this course will examine narratives of multiculturalism in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Over the course of the semester, students will read and respond to a diverse range of sources including: poetry, fiction, scholarly essays, advertising campaigns, political speeches, and national laws. In addition to engaging these texts and contexts through ongoing class discussions and debates, students will also produce formal and creative essays, opinion pieces, and an interdisciplinary research project. This course aims to help students strengthen their analytical writing, critical thinking, and close reading skills, thereby enabling them to understand and critique how multiculturalism has shaped the lived experiences of communities around the world.
0900:TR   EASTC 312
WRPG 211-02 Digital Media, Society, and Culture
Instructor: Steven Malcic
Course Description:
Cross-listed with ENGL 221-02 and FLST 210-08.
0930:MWF   EASTC 312
WRPG 214-01 Working with Writers: Theory and Practice
Instructor: Noreen Lape
Course Description:
Cross-listed with ENGL 214-01.Permission of Instructor Required. Designed primarily for students who serve as tutors in the Norman M. Eberly Writing Center as well as for future teachers, this course examines how people learn to write from both a theoretical and a hands-on perspective. Prerequisite: permission of the Director of the Writing Program. This course is cross-listed as ENGL 214.
1330:TF   ALTHSE 109