Spring 2017

Course Code Title/Instructor Meets
WRPG 211-01 Media Studies
Instructor: Gregory Steirer
Course Description:
Cross-listed with ENGL 212-01. In media studies, we explore the ways human communication gets produced, distributed, and consumed. This course examines several different modes of communication (e.g., films, television, novels, video games, sound recordings, software, etc.) to investigate how messages and meaning are shaped by the medium in which theyre transmitted. It also introduces students to critical theories and methodologies employed in the field of media studies. Throughout the course, students will also do regular writing exercises to help develop their analytical writing skills.
1030:TR   EASTC 406
WRPG 211-02 Education and Equity
Instructor: David Ball
Course Description:
Cross-listed with ENGL 212-02.Education has long been held up as one means to American ideals of class mobility and social justice, but has often been criticized as an engine of disparities in wealth and power. The aim of this course is to develop writing and critical thinking skills across traditional disciplinary boundaries in pursuit of these competing accounts of education in American life. Among the topics we'll consider: public school funding, standardized testing, racial and socioeconomic segregation in schools, prison education, and the corporatization of higher education. We will look at a range of interdisciplinary sources across the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries --everything from novels and journalism to social scientific research and economic analyses-- to investigate these questions. Building on a series of personal essays, opinion pieces, and weekly writing assignments, the course will conclude with an original, interdisciplinary research paper on a topic of the student's choosing that addresses an aspect of these larger questions.
0900:TR   EASTC 312
WRPG 214-01 Working with Writers: Theory and Practice
Instructor: Lisa Wolff
Course Description:
Cross-listed with ENGL 214-01.Permission of Instructor Required Designed primarily for students who serve as tutors in the Norman M. Eberly Writing Center as well as for future teachers, this course examines how people learn to write from both a theoretical and a hands-on perspective. Prerequisite: permission of the Director of the Writing Program. This course is cross-listed as ENGL 214.
1330:TF   ALTHSE 207