A Broad Education

Barry White '84

Barry White '84, Attorney

How do you feel that the Dickinson's broad, interdisciplinary education has impacted your career?

“Iʼm almost the accidental poster child for liberal-arts education because I double majored in English and chemistry. I always had an interest in literature, reading, writing and sciences ... The fact is that the broad education I had at Dickinson—without me knowing it or planning that career path—prepared me for my career path. I very much enjoy being able to continue to explore and learn in the two areas that I studied—the sciences, and English.”

How has Dickinson's focus on global study and engagement affected you?

“In the early 80ʼs when I was at Dickinson, study abroad was not nearly as widely done in different colleges and universities as it is now, and Dickinson was practically a pioneer in that. That was an important consideration and something that really interested me. I spent a year at the University of Durham in the north of England, my junior year. I think that study abroad was a critical step for me—a very important part of broadening my experiences and perspectives. It fostered what was to become a lifelong love of travel, and I think also served me very well in creating and maintaining business relationships with clients and client contacts, people literally from around the world.”

Do you feel that Dickinson's small, highly personalized residential experience made a difference?

“The student community and the professors were very accessible at Dickinson. It pushed students ... it pushed me; it requires you to deal daily and directly with people and situations. I think I grew a little because of that."

Published September 1, 2013