Ready for Any Direction

Ben Tiede '05

Ben Tiede '05, Global Public Health Consultant

What did you get from your Dickinson experience that you don't think you could have gotten anywhere else?

“At Dickinson, I really got a well rounded education. I wasn’t just focused on my major, but exposed to a lot of environments, which is especially important these days. You know, it’s rare, now, for a person to work for one company in your career—you won’t work for one company for the rest of your life. You have to be ready for any direction. That’s what Dickinson did for me. You have to be prepared to apply anywhere. That was so valuable."

How did your global liberal-arts education prepare you for your life today?

“Dickinson gave me great technical knowledge, yes, but it’s really the foundation that Dickinson gave me that made the difference. These days, you have to be ready to take the opportunity when its there, be ready for it, wherever it is. Dickinson prepared me and gave me an international background, prepared me for a more connected world."

What would you say to incoming first-year students to prepare them to make the most of their time at Dickinson?

“Dickinson taught me there’s nothing like hard work, and you’re not entitled to something just because your have a good name on your diploma, or the name of a wonderful graduate school. I’ve seen that attitude in graduate school.  But coming from Dickinson, I thought differently ... Dickinson taught me you’re not entitled to anything, you really have to work for it and be ready. And that door will open.”

Published September 1, 2012