Winter 2014 Kudos

Painting by Max Lyonga Sako, Cameroonian artist and friend of the Dickinson program in Cameroon.

Painting by Max Lyonga Sako, Cameroonian artist and friend of the Dickinson program in Cameroon.


Beverley Eddy, professor emerita of German, published “ ‘Wir können höchstens mit dem, was wir sehen, etwas zusammenstellen’: Herta Müller’s Collages” in Herta Müller: Politics and Aesthetics, University of Nebraska Press.

Susan Rose ’77, professor of sociology and director of the Community Studies Center, published Challenging Global Gender Violence, Macmillan Publishers. The book provides a qualitative and comparative analysis of women’s experiences of violence, healing and action across cultures. Read more about Rose’s work at

Jorge R. Sagastume, associate professor of Spanish and director of Dickinson’s program in Málaga, published “El secreto de los flamencos: Andahazi, Borges y las matematicas” in the refereed journal Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, Liverpool University Press.

Associate Professor of Chemistry Amy Witter and Associate Professor of Earth Sciences Peter Sak published “Coal-tar-based sealcoated pavement: A major PAH source to urban stream sediments” in the journal Environmental Pollution.

Sharon Kingston, assistant professor of psychology, published “Economic Adversity and Depressive Symptoms in Mothers: Do Marital Status and Perceived Social Support Matter?” in American Journal of Community Psychology. Kingston studied 1,957 mothers from 80 neighborhoods in Chicago and the psychological effect of economic adversity and having interpersonal resources such as family support, among othe r resources. Kingston found that women who received support had fewer depressive symptoms, but the resources did not balance the effects of family income and financial strain.

Grants and Awards

The National Science Foundation-Geobiology and Low-Temperature Geochemistry awarded $86,927 to Peter Sak, associate professor of earth sciences, for his project Collaborative research/ RUI: Quantifying weathering rind formation rates using U-series isotopes along steep gradients of precipitation, bedrock ages and topography in Guadeloupe.

Carl Sander Socolow ’77, college photographer, was a prize winner in Pennsylvania’s annual Art of the State juried competition in June 2013. He was awarded first place for his photograph “Winter Beach I,” part of an ongoing project of atmospheric tone poems photographed with a panoramic camera using a traditional film process.

Greg Steirer, assistant professor of English and film studies, received $4,170 from the University of California-Santa Barbara Carsey-Wolf Center Media Industries Project for his proposal Gamifying Video Distribution. His research will examine innovative models of digital-game distribution and illustrate how these models can be developed for the distribution of long-form video.

Julie Vastine ’03, director of ALLARM (Alliance for Aquatic Resource Management), received $6,000 from the National Science Foundation for the project Exploring Engagement and Science Identity Through Participation: A Meta-analysis of Citizen Science Outcomes. ALLARM will serve as advisor to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology at Cornell University and help connect researchers to the water-monitoring community.

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Published January 15, 2014