Graduate Story: Stephanie Teeuwen '20

Stephanie Teeuwen '20

Stephanie Teeuwen '20

Dickinson major: international studies

Current role: specialist, data and AI, World Economic Forum


As a specialist in AI governance and data policy, Stephanie Teeuwen '20 works with public and private organizations on prosocial, informed policies regarding AI and data use. Her work draws together her knowledge and insights on international relations, public administration, internet governance and cybersecurity policy as well as her passion for prosocial causes.

“I'm excited about working in technology policy in general, as technology influences everyone, and I'm particularly interested in the effects of technology on society,” Teeuwen says.

How she got there

As a native of the Netherlands, Teeuwen was technically already a study-abroad student when she spent a semester abroad through Dickinson’s program in Bologna, Italy. She also took part in a four-week global course on sustainable development and social change that included an independent study of vulnerable children in India. And she worked for Dickinson’s Center for Global Study & Engagement as well as in the library.

Teeuwen’s first internship was in the Netherlands, and she completed it during the summer after her first year at Dickinson. A Washington, D.C., internship on international advocacy followed, along with an intensive research internship at the U.S. Army War College.

Immediately after graduating magna cum laude, Teeuwen started her first job at her first internship site, ECP, a nonprofit that works toward an inclusive and resilient digital society. Focusing on internet governance and cybersecurity policy, her projects included work with the Netherlands Internet Governance Forum, Cybersecurity Alliance, Anti-DDoS-Coalition. In 2021, Teeuwen added on part-time work as a project advisor for the Netherlands Internet Governance Forum. Then she returned to the U.S. to attend graduate school.

At the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, Teeuwen earned a master of public administration with a focus on social change organizations and an M.A. in international policy development with specialization in financial crime management. Her work as a graduate research assistant centered on international trade and economic diplomacy. Diplomas in hand, Teeuwen took part in the World Economic Forum’s early-careers program, with a focus on data policy. Six months later, she was a permanent employee.

A hopeful view

In addition to deploying voice assistants as part of her daily life, Teeuwen uses generative AI to code and create content at work. She also regularly uses driverless vehicles—a bonus of living in San Francisco, she says.

“While technology can be disruptive and bring a lot uncertainty to many people, it also presents many opportunities,” she says. "I believe it is crucial to continuously discuss the effects of technology on society to ensure that people remain familiar with and do not lose trust in technology.”

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Published June 25, 2024