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Dickinsonians Rally to Raise More Than $1 million for College on Day of Giving

Day of Giving jumping image

Sunnie Ko '11 jumps for joy on the Day of Giving.

More than 3,200 Dickinsonians (and still counting) support Dickinson, its students and the brighter future they’ll shape

Yesterday, Dickinsonians around the world came together to give to Dickinson and give through Dickinson for the Day of Giving. With nearly $1.1 million in gifts, more than 3,200 alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students and friends of the college made an immediate difference on campus and contributed to the lasting difference every Dickinsonian makes on the world.

And those donor and dollar numbers are still growing, as gifts coming in by mail are still being counted. Of the current total, so far:

  • $345,000 went to support the Dickinson Fund
  • $369,000 went to scholarships
  • $20,000 went to the Emergency Response Fund
  • $160,000 went to the McAndrews Fund for Athletics, a new Day of Giving record
  • $11,000 went to the Student Wellness Fund
  • and $48,000 went to academic programming.

Check the Day of Giving webpage over the next few days to see final numbers for this big day for Dickinson!

Rising to the Challenges

Dickinsonians also stepped up to complete several challenges during the day. Thank you to those donors and our generous challenge donors who inspired their fellow Dickinsonians to give to numerous college priorities:

Dickinson Fund Challenge
Thanks to a generous challenge gift from an anonymous 2007 alumni couple, we unlocked an additional $10,000 with 1,345 gifts to the Dickinson Fund, beating the challenge goal by more than 800 donors!

Scholarships Challenge
Thanks to a generous challenge gift from Kevin Holleran ’73, we unlocked an additional $10,000 in immediate scholarship and financial aid funding for today’s students with 669 donors, beating the challenge goal by more than 400 donors, and setting a new record for Day of Giving scholarship support!

Delta Nu Challenge
Two anonymous donors who made a generous $10,000 matching gift inspired donors to give $52,541 toward the Delta Nu Scholarship, more than $40,000 over the goal!

Parent Challenge
An anonymous parent couple's generous $10,000 gift inspired more than 460 (and still counting!) parents to make a Day of Giving gift.

Senior Class Gift Challenge
A generous challenge matching gift from Rick Anderson ‘92 and his wife, Rebecca, inspired 59 seniors (and still counting!) to make a gift for the Senior Class Gift Drive, and this challenge will continue through Commencement.

Thank You, Day of Giving Volunteers

The day would not have been such a success without the dedication of our more than 300 volunteers. Dickinson thanks those alumni, students, parents and coaches who advocated for Dickinson and encouraged fellow Dickinsonians to join them in this effort.

And thank you to every Dickinson donor for making the day a huge success—for Dickinson, for all of our students and for the future those students will shape.

Published April 7, 2021