Innovating in the COVID-19 Era: Dickinson College Report Reveals Why the Future's Bright for Global Ed

Chase Philpot '14 took this photo in Morocco while studying abroad.

Photo by Chase Philpot '14.

Report delivers statistics and stories behind continuing successes

by MaryAlice Bitts-Jackson

Dickinson's Center for Global Study & Engagement (CGSE) was putting the finishing touches on its two-year report when a global pandemic threw a wrench in the works in a very big way. As students were brought safely home from study-abroad experiences last winter, and as summer and fall programs were canceled to safeguard the health and safety of Dickinson's students and host communities around the world, the question loomed: How do you talk about successes and goals in global education when travel has come to a grinding halt?

Turns out, travel is only one part of Dickinson's acclaimed, holistic approach to global education. You can find out why, and how the Center for Global Study & Engagement (CGSE) continues to innovate in the CGSE Impact Report.

This electronic publication, published on CGSE’s website in September, reveals the statistics underlying Dickinson’s high-profile accolades during the past three years and tells the stories behind those successes. From soaring participation in global programming in from 2017 to 2019 to the CGSE staff’s quick response to the global pandemic outbreak last winter to its work in the time since, the report takes an in-depth look at how global education at Dickinson is positioned on the leading edge of the field.

"Creating the CGSE Impact Report reinforced for me how global learning and internationalization is a collaborative process intrinsically linked to the Dickinson pillars of civic action, sustainability and diversity, equity and inclusion,” says Samantha Brandauer ’95, associate provost and executive director of the CGSE, “and  it helps tell the story of our commitment to building inclusive, equitable and sustainable communities here in Carlisle and all over the world."

Read the 2017-20 CGSE Impact Report.



Published October 8, 2020