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Dickinson College Announces Recipient of 2020 Dickinson-Carlisle Scholarship

Portrait of Taytum Robinson-Covert.

Taytum Robinson-Covert

Carlisle High School Senior Selected for Commitment to Service and Academic Excellence

by Craig Layne

Taytum Robinson-Covert '24, a 2020 graduate of Carlisle High School, has been selected as the recipient of the Dickinson-Carlisle Scholarship, a four-year, full-tuition scholarship awarded annually to a college-bound Carlisle resident who is engaged in service and leadership in the community.

“My values matched perfectly with Dickinson,” said Robinson-Covert, who was selected from a pool of highly qualified candidates for her academic achievements and commitment to service.

“Taytum is truly a standout in all that she does,” said President Margee M. Ensign. “She’s an example of the extraordinary promise of our young people in these unprecedented and trying times, and we are thrilled to see what she’ll achieve as a Dickinsonian.” Ensign announced the creation of the scholarship in 2017 as a reflection of the college’s deep commitment to the community and to providing a distinctive brand of useful education for the common good. The scholarship has been recognized by Forbes as a “good neighbor” initiative.

Robinson-Covert’s journey in advocacy began at Hope Station, in the Carlisle nonprofit’s Youth Leadership Program. She has been involved as a speaker and organizer in panel discussions and rallies on issues involving racism, women’s rights and gun safety. At Carlisle High School, Robinson-Covert was co-president of the Social Activism Club and vice president of the student-run Carlisle Area Youth Council. She also played on the tennis team and performed in the jazz band, marching band, indoor percussion and Shakespeare troupe. Robinson-Covert is the recipient of the YWCA Racial Justice Award and the United Way Leadership Award.

“I’m so glad to be able to continue my work while at Dickinson,” said Robinson-Covert. “I thought, if this college values community engagement enough to offer a full-tuition scholarship, it must be the right college for me,” she said.


Published June 24, 2020