The Dawn of the Red Devil

Red Devil in front of Old West coloring page

Do you know where the Red Devil really comes from?

Every Dickinsonian probably knows the origin of the college’s Red Devil athletics mascot. But for the uninitiated, back in 1930, when Dickinson was a mere 147 years old, the football team put up one heck of a fight for one half of a game against the superior gridiron squad of George Washington University. The next day, impressed by the Dickinson team’s moxie, a writer from the Washington Public Ledger dubbed the red-wearing team the “Red Devils.”

At least, that’s part of the story. The rest is outlined in The Dawn of the Red Devil: A Story Coloring Book. Download your copy today—we hope you feel inspired to get creative with the pages and would love to see your finished products! Send snapshots to or post with #dsonphotos.

This story is a work of fiction, sprinkled with some factual tidbits and historical details. Thank you to the Archives & Special Collections and Department of Earth Sciences for sharing their expertise. The story was written and illustrated by Dickinson’s Office of Marketing & Communications and produced at the Dickinson College Print Center.

Read more from the fall 2019 issue of Dickinson Magazine.


Published November 18, 2019