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Fine Print (Fall 2019)

fine print bookshelf

The Truth Is a Theory

By Karyn Plickert Bristol ’86

Wooden Dock Press

Bristol is a licensed psychotherapist with a passion for helping people heal. She also writes a blog to help other therapists learn and practice emotionally focused couples therapy. Her debut novel, The Truth Is a Theory, is the story of the assumptions we make about important people in our lives and how these fatally flawed “truths” play out for four women friends.

Salient Points and Sharp Angles

By John Zedolik ’88

CW Books

This collection of poems stems from observations and memories that have triggered poetic responses. The subsequent poems communicate the meaning one has discovered in the memory and/or observation/experience. Zedolik’s poems have been described as “lyrical, evocative, compelling” and full of “astute and aware observations of the real world, both past and present, tinged with a touch of irony and mischievousness.” 

Who Are You, Calvin Bledsoe?

By Brock Clarke ’90

Algonquin Books

Clarke is an award-winning author of seven previous works of fiction, including the bestselling An Arsonist’s Guide to Writers’ Homes in New England. His latest novel, Who Are You, Calvin Bledsoe?, follows a theologian after the loss of his mother. According to The New York Times Book Review, “This exuberant comic novel—involving explosions, secret agents, religious fanatics and a hapless narrator dragged around Europe by his long-lost aunt—is also a sly theological exploration of fate and predestination.”

Screw Your Wedding: A Candid Guide to Wedding Planning by a Jaded Event Planner

By Samantha Bellinger ’07

Onion River Press

This refreshingly entertaining book will give you a candid insider’s perspective on the wedding industry. It will expose the tricks industry professionals use to get you to spend more, warn you about potential pitfalls and guide you through the ins and outs of securing your ideal vendors for a reasonable price—all while teaching you how to successfully plan your wedding.

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Published November 18, 2019