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David Crosson ’04

David Crosson

Tell us about your career. What does a typical workday look like for you?

I am a licensed attorney in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey and am a Partner at Crosson & Richetti, LLC. I don't really have a typical day as it really all depends on what's going on. Some days I spend a full day trying cases in front of a judge. Other days, I'll sit in front of the computer and draft motions, complaints, etc. I also throw in meetings with clients, potential clients and other business contacts to help build my brand.

Can you speak to how Dickinson’s useful liberal-arts education helped you in your life?

Dickinson prepared me to approach each and every situation differently. They always say to "think outside the box," and I believe that my Dickinson education gave me a leg up on others with doing just that.

What inspired your gift to Dickinson?

Dickinson means a lot to me. Being the first in my (entire!) family to go to college is something I will always cherish (not so much the student loans ... but, I digress). I care about the students and what the students are doing to better themselves both in and out of the classroom. I generally direct my gift to go to student life because I remember how much fun I was able to have at Dickinson in those school sponsored events.

Why do you feel that it is important to give back to Dickinson?

I always believed that if I were given an opportunity to better myself, I have to take it. Dickinson was that opportunity for me. I received a lot from Dickinson, academically, as well as personally. I'm inspired by what Dickinson continues to do as a whole.

What is your favorite memory from your time at Dickinson?

My favorite memory has to be when I joined the brotherhood of Delta Sigma Phi. This fraternity has meant a whole lot to me and has certainly helped me grow as a man. As our motto goes, "Better Men, Better Lives."

David Crosson '04 and his daughter.

Can you tell us about what you do outside of work—hobbies, interests, etc.?

First and foremost, I'm a father to the most amazing little girl I've ever met. When I'm not spending time with her, I'm off doing other things. Mainly, I'm a baseball phanatic. Love the Philadelphia Phillies and love to watch them in person or on TV. I also play baseball in an adult men's league here in the Lehigh Valley. When I'm not doing that, I'm bowling (winter) and golfing (summer). I also have a house in the mountains and at the beach, so I like to get outdoors!

What is one piece of advice you would give to today’s students?

Keep dreaming and always strive to achieve that dream. Whether you reach it, or not, striving towards it will make you a better person!


Published August 13, 2019