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Policy Management Major Hits Stride During Internship with Fidelity Investments

Alex Hosker '19 is stoking his passion for financial and client services via an internship with Fidelity Investments in Boston, where he's a business analyst intern this summer.

Alex Hosker '19, Fidelity Investments (Boston)


Policy management.

Internship title:

Business analyst intern.

What I do, day to day:

During my first few weeks at Fidelity, most of my tasks were administrative, including an assignment to learn all the different Fidelity businesses and present those to a group of my peers with a follow-up Q&A session. Since then, I have taken on several Agile-based projects such as enterprise data analytics, marketing research, client segmentation and cross-business unit playbooks.  

Other internships:

Last summer, I worked for Performance Sports Systems in Maryland as an intern doing front office tasks, camp administration, coaching, facilities and private lessons.

Most valuable part of this experience:

The group I worked for was the Enterprise Relationships Group (ERG), which grows Fidelity’s largest client relationships across all businesses at Fidelity as well as the relationships those clients have with Fidelity. The most valuable part was learning about the depth and breadth of these businesses in financial services and meeting some Fidelity clients who use them. 

Advice for students considering internships:

Take full advantage of the networking opportunities you have. It can be tough to get a good summer internship—don’t be afraid to reach out! Secondly, ask questions. You will never learn anything or understand if you are doing something wrong without asking questions. Asking questions has helped me learn a ton.

How this internship has helped me:

Working for Fidelity really helped me understand both financial services product offerings (e.g., 401k, equity administration, college savings, capital markets and managed accounts) and how they are distributed differently through retail, employer, institutional and third-party channels. I am also learning a lot about how critical customer relationship management is to the success of a business, and this will help me with the communication and client relationship skills I’ll need to get a good job. 

Post-Dickinson plans:

If I am lucky enough to get an offer to work at Fidelity, I would definitely consider working there again. That said, I am definitely open to another company similar to Fidelity!

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Published August 24, 2018