Dickinson College President Addresses Diversity in Hechinger Report Opinion Piece

President Margee Ensign

Photo by Carl Socolow ’77

'Where are the truly inclusive campuses?' asks President Ensign

President Margee Ensign explains in an opinion piece for The Hechinger Report why Dickinson College is ready to do the hard work needed to build a truly inclusive campus.

"Students need to learn to communicate about cultural differences in the broadest possible sense, including those usually grouped together as 'diversity' issues like gender, race and power relationships," Ensign writes in the piece. "They must be prepared to have challenging conversations with people different from themselves in order to achieve cooperation. Intercultural competence, in its widest sense, is a vital key for success in the future."

Read the full piece, "OPINION: We say we seek diversity — but where are the truly inclusive campuses?"

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Published July 17, 2018