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Coming Back, Giving Back

Tom Zug '68

Tom Zug '68

Video by Joe O'Neill

Tom Zug ’68 looks back and ahead

Getting ready for the 2018 Alumni Weekend, Tom Zug ’68 can’t wait to catch up with longtime friends to celebrate their 50th reunion. “There will be a lot of sentences starting out with ‘Remember when …’ ” he says with a smile. “But I’m also certainly looking forward to touring the campus. Needless to say, things have changed tremendously over 50 years.”

A history major who went to officer-candidate school in the U.S. Navy after graduating, Zug earned an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and launched a successful investment partnership with his brother. He’s endowed several scholarships on his own and with his brothers, sisters and cousins, and he sees scholarship giving as a way to create leadership opportunities for young people, and to provide some of the same kinds of learning experiences he had 50 years ago.

“I had a great four years at Dickinson. I learned a lot, both inside and outside of the classroom,” he says. “I would encourage my classmates to give back to Dickinson, particularly around this 50th reunion. I think most of us have gotten an awful lot out of our Dickinson education.”

Zug also has found a way to maximize his support of the college by making a planned gift through the Old West Society. "Giving through a will to the Old West Society is a great way you can contribute to the college," he explains. "Most of us, through a gift through a will, can contribute significantly more than we can on an annual basis."


Published March 23, 2018