The Sweet Sound of Success

List of MANdatory Class of 2012/2013

"Men of MANdatory distinguish themselves by doing what others are unwilling to do to be successful," so goes MANdatory's motto. On Nov. 17, the campus community gathered to celebrate that success and congratulate the MANdatory class of 2012.

Begun in 2010, MANdatory is a leadership-development program for male students of color at Dickinson. Intentionally inclusive, the program is partially funded by a Teagle Foundation grant and has graduated 40 students.

In addition to keynote speaker David Wall Rice, professor of psychology at Morehouse College, program participants and leaders shared their views of success. Below are excerpts from the day's remarks.

"I'm a fan of [Princeton professor] Cornel West and how effortless he makes being an intellectual looks. … Behind that look of effortless is work." Leonard Brown '92, dean of students and associate vice president for student development

"You do not yet fully realize the magnitude of your existence in this world. None of us do. But you are on a path that will allow you to discover it, and that is what matters." Norm Jones, dean of diversity and assistant to the president

"MANdatory helped me find my own voice as a man of color at Dickinson. It helped me define my own vision for success." Mamadou Balde '16

"Success is not a finite destination. There is work out there for you to do. There is work to be done." Gregory Boles '16

"My success has no particular look. It comes in many shapes and sizes, from being a positive influence on people to changing something inside myself." Simon Ciccarillo '16

"Success is not bound by four walls. … It is the doorknob leading into an interview. You have those butterflies, but you're still turning that knob, you're still taking that shot." David Cruz '13

"MANdatory helped me realize that success is personal. It is freeing the mind from various constraints. Success is love and tolerance; my flow is my success." Eddy Diamantis '16

"It feels like having a warm glass of milk while being tucked in by my mother. My success feels like absolute happiness. " Jahmel Martin '16

"Success can be visualized, like a mirror that sees into the future, that sees all of your dreams. It smells like hard work." Sahil Nayyar '16

"Each of our personal successes is different, but the means are the same. It is drive, courage and the effort of being human." Huy-Liem Nguyen '15

"Success is those hours you put in that you never tell anyone about. It is fresh air: You enjoy it, and you get back to work." Edwin Padilla '16

"Success is when you shake someone's hand, and they look you in the eye." Kevin Yoo '15

Published November 28, 2012