Fine Print (Winter 2018)

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Tango Down 
By Chris Knopf ’73
Permanent Press

The eighth book in the Sam Acquillo Mystery Series disrupts the illusion that the Hamptons are safely immune from the struggles that enflame much of the world. A routine visit to one of Acquillo’s job sites becomes anything but. The home’s owner, Victor Bollings, is lying in a pool of blood. One of Sam’s closest friends in the cabinetry trade is quickly behind bars as the obvious suspect. For the cops, this is all standard operating procedure. But as it turns out, nothing about the case is routine, obvious or standard in any way. Books in this critically acclaimed series by Chris Knopf ’73 have been lauded by The New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews and more.

From the Edge of the Abyss: What I Learned While Whipping Cancer
By Jeff Cohen ’79
High 5 Communications LLC

Jeff Cohen ’79 shares what he has learned as a four-time cancer survivor. With an upbeat attitude, he tells of his uphill battle to fight what is often a deadly disease. He hopes that sharing his life experiences will help “inspire those who have cancer or other health/life issues.” Jeff is managing director of investments for the Cohen and Clinton Wealth Management Group and is active in community and nonprofit work, including with the American Cancer Society.

Forbearance: A Theological Ethic for a Disagreeable Church
By James Calvin Davis ’92
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company

In his fourth book, Forbearance: A Theological Ethic for a Disagreeable Church, James Calvin Davis ’92 offers a faithful, constructive way to deal with dissent. What happens when we approach disagreement not as a problem to solve, but as an opportunity to practice Christian virtue and serve as models for the world? James is a professor of religion at Middlebury College and an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church.

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Published January 23, 2018