Practice Civility

Jason Gong '06

Jason Gong '06, Manager, Global Diversity & Inclusion, American Express

Major: Religion

What I love most about my work: Leveraging multicultural insight and perspective to drive marketplace strategy and organic business growth.

Major challenges: Getting business leaders to recognize diversity and inclusion as real business differentiators. It’s about more than just hiring more women and minorities—it’s about giving every employee the opportunity to realize their full potential, which in turn drives innovation, profitability and growth.

How a Dickinson education prepared me: Dickinson challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone and beyond the boundaries that I had set for myself. I developed the confidence to take risks and learned to trust my instincts—these are lessons that have yielded tremendous rewards in my professional and personal life.

Why I chose Dickinson: I enjoyed the distinct privilege of attending college as a Posse Scholar. Prior to being chosen by the Posse Foundation, I had never heard of Dickinson. The opportunity to attend Dickinson College changed my life.

My favorite professor: Ted Pulcini is one of the most brilliant and compassionate people I’ve ever met. He is an incredibly passionate educator who brings the best out of his students. The world is a better place with him in it, and he remains a close friend and mentor to this day.

My favorite activities at Dickinson: Being a member of the football team and the D-Tones. Both experiences enriched my college experience and introduced me to life-long friends.

My favorite spot on campus: Biddle Field—I spent countless hours with my best friends doing what we loved most.

What I’m most proud of at Dickinson:
Walking at graduation with every member of my Posse.

What I’m most proud of today: One of my biggest role models once told me, ‘If you’re not doing what you love, then you’re not sharing all that you have to offer with the world.” Those words changed my life. I strive to do what I love and refuse to compromise, because I believe that is the only way I’ll ever achieve my true potential. This realization is my proudest accomplishment because it’s been the driving force behind the best choices I’ve ever made.

How I stay connected to Dickinson: Through my closest friends and mentors that are still active in campus life. I also attend Homecoming & Family Weekend and just participated in my five-year class reunion.

Published August 22, 2011