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Michelle Sánchez ’11

Michelle Sánchez ’11

Michelle Sánchez ’11

“Dickinson helped me develop a wide range of skills—and to embrace my voice and feel empowered, which I transfer to my students today. … I feel it’s important for me to give back to future Posse Scholars.”

—Michelle Sánchez ’11

As a double major in American studies and Spanish, Michelle Sánchez ’11 honed her writing skills in English and Spanish, which has given her a leg up in working with Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking families as a special-education teacher at Eagle Rock Junior/Senior High School in Los Angeles. And her work hasn’t gone unnoticed. A few years ago, in fact, she was recognized by the White House’s Educational Excellence for Hispanics initiative, which showcases educators who strengthen the Latino educational landscape and explores systematic ways to enhance education for Hispanic Americans.

In addition to the classes that helped her sharpen her writing skills, the former Posse Scholar looks back fondly on working as a student athletic trainer.

“I’m thankful to the athletic department for taking me on and training me to treat injuries, help with rehabilitation and travel with sport teams,” she says. “I wasn’t able to compete anymore, but I was still involved in athletics and still am today, as an assistant track and cross country coach at the high school where I teach.” Today, she’s earning her M.Ed. in the Principal Leadership Institute at UCLA, and she supports Dickinson by making an annual gift to the Dickinson Fund to support scholarships like the Posse Scholarship that made Dickinson possible for her.


Published August 15, 2017