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Chip Horner ’78

Chip Horner

Chip Horner

“ Dickinson College helped position me for success in life. My professors gave me a broad and deep knowledge and perspective of the world. I have many warm memories of classmates and the process of academic discovery. How could I not want to give back?”

—Chip Horner ’78

Chip Horner

Dickinson felt like home to Chip Horner ’78 from his very first visit. The warm, friendly atmosphere made the college his first choice and then made his four years rich and fulfilling. A double major in political science and history, Horner still fondly remembers Neil Weissman’s history classes and George Friedman’s political philosophy classes. Socially, being a brother in Theta Chi fraternity and attending Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel concerts at Dickinson stand out as fond memories.

After graduating, Horner earned an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and launched a brand-management marketing career with posts at the Warner Lambert Company, Pfizer and, now, Colgate-Palmolive, where he is the worldwide director of global consumer affairs. As he leads a global team protecting the company’s reputation, Horner’s Dickinson education continues to serve him well.

“I use the broad liberal-arts education I received at Dickinson every day in my job and as I travel to various parts of the world,” he says. To help Dickinson prepare today’s students in the same way, Horner, who also enjoys nature photography and travel, supports the college at the John Dickinson Society level.


Published August 9, 2017