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Roberta Zmuda Greenspan ’77


Donor Profile

“My four years at Dickinson were life changing. And I give back because I want to help give students the chance to dream big and have a similar experience.”

An economics and psychology double major who says her particular major “was exactly what I needed in my career path.” Built a finance career in wealth management, trusts and leadership initiatives and says “my grounding in leadership started at Dickinson.” Has been involved with the college nearly continuously since graduation and is currently chair of both Dickinson’s D.C. regional council and her class reunion. From her “transformative” Dickinson years, looks back fondly at four years of basketball, Delta Nu and Wheel and Chain. Says, “Dickinson opened my eyes to the world, began a journey of lifelong intellectual curiosity and made me fearless when it came to taking on challenges.”

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Published January 11, 2017