Benjamin Rush Award

The first Benjamin Rush Award was presented in 1985 to the board chairman and chief executive officer of CBS. Recipients have included three other corporate executives; the minister of trade, industry and energy of the Republic of Korea; the director of the White House Office of Management and Budget; the deputy secretary general of the United Nations; and the chairman of the Board of Mutual Life Insurance of America. 

  • Donald Graham, chairman of The Graham Group and founder of Graham Engineering (2010)
  • William F. Greenlee, president and CEO of The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences and chairman and CEO of the Health Research & Education Foundation (2009) 
  • Derek Hathaway (2008) 
  • Stephen Adler (2007) Editor-in-chief of BusinessWeek Magazine. 
  • Roger W. Sant (2006) Co-founder and former chairman of AES Corporation
  • Lawrence Bossidy (2005) Former CEO of Allied Signal Corporation 
  • Edward Gramlich (2004) Member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System 
  • Arthur Levitt (2003) Former chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission 
  • William Flynn (2002) Board chairman of Mutual of America 
  • Louise Fr├ęchette (2001) United Nations Deputy Secretary-General 
  • Curt Weldon (2000) U.S. Congressman 


Published June 7, 2013