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Rockko '05 and Maggie Rwakazina '05


Rockko '05 and Maggie Rwakazina '05

Rwakazina donor profile

Rockko '05 and Maggie Rwakazina '05

Donor Profile

“Dickinson has given us so much, and we believe in giving back so that others may have the same opportunity.” —Rockko ’05 and Maggie Rwakazina ’05

  • Knew Dickinson was the place for them after their first visits.
  • Majored in economics (Rockko) and environmental science (Maggie).
  • Met on a bus trip to go whitewater rafting.
  • Value the sense of community they found at Dickinson and the lifelong friends they made.
  • Now work as a risk analyst for a financial services firm (Rockko) and a consultant to the Philadelphia Water Department (Maggie).
  • Recently celebrated the birth of their son, Xander. Make a gift each year to the Dickinson Fund.

Published February 4, 2016