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Coronavirus Update

Dickinson is remote for the fall. Prospective students may contact our admissions office and schedule a visit. Campus buildings are closed. Face coverings are required on campus.

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Distinctively Durden Month

To celebrate 14 years of service from President William G. Durden '71 and Elke Durden, Dickinson is naming April "Distinctively Durden Month."

To celebrate 14 years of service from President William G. Durden '71 and Elke Durden, Dickinson is naming April "Distinctively Durden Month."

To celebrate Bill and Elke Durden’s 14 years at Dickinson, we’re naming April Distinctively Durden Month.

This is your chance to honor Bill’s tenure at Dickinson before he retires—to say thanks, highlight Dickinson’s accomplishments and show that you too remain committed to leaving your college better than you found it.





"While no single moment or event comes to mind, I can surely say that both President and Dr. Durden have profoundly impacted me as a Dickinsonian. President Durden, it was because of your tireless efforts to instill a unifying mission and identity  that I left Dickinson knowing that I was part of something bigger than myself; I know that I am part of an intellectual community that confronts the responsibility that we must be active and engaged citizens. Furthermore, it was through the efforts of Dr. Durden (as one of my German professors) that I gained the confidence to continue my studies and ultimately spend a year in Bremen. If it wasn't for your guidance and support, I never would have felt that I could handle it. Well, I could, and my year abroad was one of the most formative periods of my life. Thank you, both, for your dedication to the entire Dickinson community." —Daniel Pattley '07

“…I was truly in awe that I had been in Carlisle for no more than five minutes and had already seen and briefly talked to the president of the college. President Durden's presence on campus and throughout town has continued to excite me and remind me that I chose such a wonderful community for college.
—Lexie Raczka ’15

"We are all better for your having shared much of yourself for the last 14 years. Although I am one among many, you have touched intangible portions of my life more than you will know.  Thank you."
—Eileen Fair Durgin ’52

"I must also personally thank you for improving my ability to sleep at night! You have charged head-on into issues that involved safety of students on the campus with resolve and common sense. I have felt that my kids were in a safe and nurturing environment, as much as could be expected. We are very grateful to you and to Dr. Durden for all you have poured into this college."—Mary van Son P’05, P’09, P’13


Published May 30, 2013