Volunteer Spotlight: Ann Conser Curley '63

My volunteering for Dickinson began with work on our first class of ’63 reunions. There was never any question about my wanting to return to campus after four wonderful years brightened by the encouragement of professors and highlighted by the friendships that continue to be important to me half a century later. After receiving important scholarship support, I wanted to give back as a volunteer to show my gratitude for all that I had been given-including the opportunity to meet the Dickinsonian who became my husband. Sharing his commitment to the college has been a very rewarding experience in my life.

Over the years, I have continued to help with class fundraising and reunions. The 50th was such a great time for everyone that we are going to get together before the 55th to continue sharing memories and learning about each other’s lives since graduation. In addition to visiting with close friends, I enjoy getting acquainted with classmates I didn’t know as well during our campus days. With both groups, I am always impressed by their achievements and accomplishments, for which they give their Dickinson experience much credit.

I also am a member of the Dickinson Admissions Volunteer Society (DAVS), helping to arrange off-campus interviews for prospective applicants with Dickinson alumni and parents. This opportunity to help introduce the college to potential future Dickinsonians is a great way to be part of the future of our alma mater.

I am inspired as I see the college thrive and grow, offering so many opportunities on campus and around the world for today’s students. Meeting the professors, administrators and staff members who make possible this excellent educational experience is a valued benefit to me as a volunteer. And learning from students about their accomplishments and goals very impressively underlines the importance of being a volunteer for Dickinson.

Published November 12, 2014