Employment and Internships 2013

How useful is a Dickinson education? Just ask our students and alums.

Dickinsonians regularly earn prestigious grants and scholarships, conduct research, work around the world and enter esteemed graduate programs. And, at a time of economic uncertainty, our seniors and alums are securing desirable positions on Wall Street, Main Street and beyond. They’re entering the growing fields of environmental science, finance, education, the arts, international business, peace advocacy and more.
Here are just a few of the accomplished Dickinsonians who have secured exciting positions.

Alexandra Agiliga gets job.

Alexandra Agiliga '13

Hometown: Abingdon, Md.
Major(s): Africana Studies; Psychology

Employer: Americorps 

Alexandra has accepted a year-long position as a City Year Miami Corps Member. She will work with students who are struggling academically, provide support during and after school, and engage in community and school improvements. "I am looking forward to living, working and participating in community service in Miami. I can't wait to immerse myself in the diversity there and embark on new adventures," she says.

Terra Allgaier gets job.

Terra Allgaier '13

Hometown: Loveland, Ohio

Major(s): Political Science

Employer: The National Partnership for Women and Families

Terra has accepted a position in web communications and social media with the National Partnership for Women and Families in Washington, D.C., where she will track and organize published web content for the organization's multiple social-media sites; create sharable images based on policy issues related to women and families in the news; and work with content management systems to maintain functionality of the websites.

How has Dickinson prepared Terra for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"Dickinson has allowed me to find what it is I care most about and has taught me how to discuss diverse issues from multiple angles," she says. "The incredible professors and conversations I've had fostered my drive and growth."

Devin Beaugureau gets job.

Devin Beaugureau '13

Hometown: Park Ridge, Ill.

Major(s):Women's & Gender Studies

Employer: New York City Department of Education

Devin will teach bilingual elementary education while attending graduate school at Hunter College through the New York City Teaching Fellows program.

Christan Beitel gets job.

Christian Beitel '13

Hometown: Newtown, Conn.  
Major(s): International Studies; Spanish
Employer: Gilman School 

Christian has accepted a position as a Spanish teacher and assistant lacrosse and hockey coach at the Gilman School. This summer, Christian will spend a month in Santander, Spain, with the Landon School teaching Spanish for their summer program. "I'm excited to be a teacher, coach and mentor to young adults and still be learning, traveling and involved with athletics," he says. Learn more about Christian.  

How has Dickinson prepared Christian for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"Dickinson gave me the opportunity to excel in many different roles," he says. "My four years of varsity lacrosse, a semester in Malaga, Spain, serving as a tour guide and RA, and getting to meet so many different students, alumni and professors have all been important parts of my time at Dickinson." 

Marissa Berkley gets job.

Marissa Berkley '13

Hometown: Belle Vernon, Pa.
Major(s): English
Employer: Great Oaks Charter School

Marissa will be part of Great Oaks Charter School's Tutor Corps in Newark, N.J. She will tutor students one-on-one during the school day, act as a teaching assistant, and lead after-school activities. 

How has Dickinson prepared Marissa for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"My classes here-across disciplines-have highlighted the need for change in our nation's K-12 education systems and have inspired a passion in me to become part of that change," she says. "Dickinson also has given me the opportunity to work for an after-school program in Carlisle that has shown me how much I love tutoring and mentoring youth."

Stephanie Bernasconi gets job.

Stephanie Bernasconi '13

Hometown:  West Chester, Pa.
Major(s): Environmental Science
Employer:  Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC)

Stephanie will intern with SERC, which leads the nation in research on linkages of land and water ecosystems in the coastal zone. She will conduct research at the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. 

How has Dickinson prepared Stephanie for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"Dickinson has allowed me to look at situations from a spectrum of perspectives," she says.

Thiago Branco gets job.

Thiago Branco '13

Hometown: Jacarei, Brazil
Major(s): Italian Studies; Latin American/Latino/Caribbean Studies

Employer: I.T.S. Luca Pacioli

Thiago will move to Italy to work as a high school English teaching assistant. He also will organize events that teach students about American culture.

Jamie Bugel gets job.

Jamie Bugel '13

Hometown: McLean, Va.
Major(s): Biology
Employer: The Dickinson College Farm

Jamie will complete a six-month apprenticeship as an assistant manager at the Dickinson College Farm.

How has Dickinson prepared Jamie for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"Dickinson has given me a well-rounded education that will help me with any career I wish to pursue," she says. 

Erin Carroll gets job.

Erin Carroll '13

Hometown: Raleigh, N.C.
Major(s): Environmental Science
Employer: Sound to Sea 

Erin will be an instructor with Sound to Sea, a residential environmental-education program on North Carolina's Outer Banks that offers school groups habitat-based, multidisciplinary, hands-on activities. Erin will share with students her knowledge of major habitats on the barrier island and its coastal cultures. She also will maintain aquaria and aquaculture projects. Erin, who studied abroad in Costa Rica and Australia, credits Dickinson with preparing her for this exciting opportunity. "The environmental studies department is the most supportive and welcoming place I have ever been and I will miss all the faculty, staff and students," she says. 

How has Dickinson prepared Erin for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"By making me think critically and providing me opportunities such as studying abroad and obtaining challenging internships that prepared me for employment," she says.

Matt Cherry gets job.

Matt Cherry '13

Hometown: Bryn Mawr, Pa.

Major(s): Political Science

Employer: Israel Lacrosse Association

Matt, a midfielder and two-time captain of the nationally ranked and Centennial Conference champion lacrosse teams, is the program development director for the Israel Lacrosse Association. He is charged with engaging local communities by implementing school-age teams coached by national team players; promoting leadership development and recruiting volunteers to coach and play.

How has Dickinson prepared Matt for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"Dickinson's focus on global education has allowed me to become engaged in world issues," says Matt. "One particular issue I am interested in is the Israel/Palestinian conflict. We plan to work with a coexist group in Jaffa where we bring together two schools, Arab and Israeli. Dickinson's academic approach to social responsibility defines what I am doing in Israel. Our aim is to use the game of lacrosse to facilitate relationship- and community-building, and as a vehicle for change."

Kevin Chibbaro gets job.

Kevin Chibbaro '13

Hometown: North Brunswick, N.J.  
Major(s): Economics

Employer: Cambridge Associates 

Kevin will work as a research analyst for Cambridge Associates in Washington, D.C. 

What were some of Kevin's defining moments at Dickinson?

"My experiences with professors," he says.

Priscilla Colon gets job.

Priscilla Colon '13

Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.
Major(s): Sociology
Internship: Aids and Services Group

Priscilla will work as an environmental-strategies intern for the AIDS/HIV Services Group in Charlottesville, Va., under the direction of its executive director and Dickinson alumnus Peter DeMartino '94. "My job is to improve living environments as well as building communities for people living with, affected by, or at risk for HIV/AIDS," she says. Priscilla will research health-seeking behaviors of people with HIV/AIDS, create community-outreach initiatives such as condom distribution programs, assist with educational tools and contributing to the mental health coalition's patient-navigation programs." Priscilla also will pursue a life-coaching certificate from the American Association of Drugless Practitioner's The Salaam School for Wellness Wealth & Wisdom. She has been accepted to the University of Queensland's school of population health, where she will pursue her master's in international public health.

Jessica Cooper gets job.

Jessica Cooper '13

Hometown: Chantilly, Va.
Major(s): English; Political Science

Employer: Fission Strategy 

Jessica will work as a new-media intern in Washington, D.C. Some of her duties include implementing social-media outreach campaigns, monitoring and evaluating clients' social-media campaigns, and developing mobile applications and websites.

Josh Davis gets job.

Joshua Davis '13

Hometown: Milford, Pa. 
Major(s): International Studies; French

Employer: Equality PA (summer), Peace Corps (fall) 

Josh has accepted a summer internship with Equality PA, an organization dedicated to advocating for the rights of LGBT Pennsylvanians. Josh will attend conferences for the organization and help maintain their databases. 

In the fall, Josh will work with the Peace Corps and work in either the education, health, or community and youth development sector.  "I cannot wait to be stationed with the Peace Corps, constantly learning from my assigned community and being able to give back in any way in which I am needed," he says. "I am excited to listen, learn and grow."

David Dean gets job.

David Dean '13

Hometown: Silver Spring, Md.
Major(s): Political Science

Employer: The Woolman School 

David has accepted a position at the Woolman Semester School where he will "teach, mentor high-school students outside of the classroom, and participate in all aspects of an educational community that weaves together spirituality, peace, sustainability and social action," he says. 

David was selected as a 2013 Baird Fellow Candidate. To receive the honor of a Baird Sustainability Fellowship, one must be a graduating senior who demonstrates advanced sustainability goals on or beyond the Dickinson campus through excellence in scholarship and service.

How has Dickinson prepared David for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"So many students, faculty, staff and Carlisle residents have impacted me in my time at Dickinson," he says. "These community members have guided me in pursuit of my passions, and have helped me understand my purpose."

Emily Eckardt gets job.

Emily Eckardt '13

Hometown: Belle Mead, N.J.
Major(s): Women's & Gender Studies
Employer: Asian University for Women

Emily will hold a junior fellow position at the Asian University for Women, a liberal-arts university for women from 12 Middle Eastern and Asian countries, including Afghanistan and Bhutan. The university is located in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Emily will serve as a tutor, teaching assistant and potentially an English teacher in the Access Academy, an academic-development program for students from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. Emily is a 2013 Baird Fellow and spent her time at Dickinson volunteering as an English as a second language teacher at Carlisle's Employment Skills Center; and as a grant-writer for Carlisle C.A.R.E.S. Learn more about Emily.

What are some of the defining moments of Emily's Dickinson experience?

"Volunteering at a local homeless shelter since my first year; studying abroad in India and Germany; and getting to know countless genuine and proactive students, professors and community members along the way," she says.

Alex Egner joins military.

Alexander Egner '13

Hometown: Willow Street, Pa.
Major(s): Political Science; History; Middle East Studies
Employer: U.S. Army

Alex will be stationed in Carlisle as an Army Recruiter until he begins training at Fort Leonard Wood as a Military Police Officer. After training and while on reserve duty, he will pursue his Juris Doctorate from one of the many law schools to which he has been accepted.

Alejandra Estevez gets job.

Alejandra Estevez '13

Hometown:  New York City
Major(s): Political Science
Employer: The Associated Press

Alejandra has accepted a position as a business associate intern in New York.

Sara Fowler gets job.

Sara Fowler '13

Hometown: Westfield, N.Y.
Major(s): English
Internship: Burson-Marsteller 

Sara has been accepted to the Harold Burson Summer Internship (HBSI) Program, with Burson-Marsteller, a leading global public relations and communications firm. Based in the firm's Pittsburgh office, Sara will work closely with experienced industry professionals and attend seminars. She also will work in a collaborative team on a special HBSI project, and present it to a senior management panel for review at the conclusion of the internship.

How has Dickinson prepared Sara for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"My time here has made me more willing to take risks and explore opportunities outside my comfort zone," she says.

JOrdan Fried gets job.

Jordan Fried '13

Hometown: Chevy Chase, Md.
Major(s): Economics
Employer: Holliday Fenoglio Fowler

Jordan will work as a market-research analyst for Holliday Fenoglio Fowler, one of the largest commercial real-estate capital intermediaries in the country. He will be located in Washington, D.C. 

How has Dickinson prepared Jordan for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"Dickinson has helped me learn some of the quantitative, qualitative and social skill sets necessary in playing a strategic role in any industry within the business world," he says.

Sarah Ganong gets job.

Sarah Ganong '13

Hometown: Ledyard, Conn.
Major(s): English
Employer: Highstead Arboretum 

Sarah has landed a 12-week communications internship with Highstead, a nonprofit organization that works to conserve the forested landscape of New England. She will be responsible for communications for Highstead's Wildlands and Woodlands Initiative, which is designed to conserve 75 percent of New England's wild spaces by 2050. Sarah will work to develop new-media content and strengthen the conservation organization's social-media presence. 

How has Dickinson prepared Sarah for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"The liberal-arts experience truly defined my time at Dickson," she says. "Dickinson has allowed me to combine my passions for science and writing in countless ways."

Todd Gerry joins military.

Todd Gerry '13

Hometown: Westchester, Pa.
Major(s): Political Science
Employer: U. S. Army

Todd will work as a Junior Commissioned Officer supervising enlisted personnel. He will earn his commission after graduating through the Officer Candidate School.

How has Dickinson prepared Todd for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"My professors have had a huge impact on my work ethic," he says. "Many have pushed me well out of my comfort zone. Because of the small class size, I received a more personal educational experience."

George Golinkin gets job.

Will Golinkin '13

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Major(s): International Business & Management; Spanish
Employer: J.P. Morgan Asset Management 

Will's position begins with training in New York to manage the assets of high net-worth clients. 

What are some of Will's defining moments at Dickinson?

"Being a four-year starter and captain of the men's tennis team as well as participating as an active member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity were both very memorable and rewarding experiences," he says.

Jordan Haferbier gets job.

Jordan Haferbier '13

Hometown: West Milford, N.J.

Major(s): Sociology; Environmental Studies

Employer: Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention 

Jordan has received a public-health fellowship. "I will be working with the CDC's Scientific Education and Professional Development Program Office through a fellowship with Morehouse College in Atlanta," she says. 

How has Dickinson prepared Jordan for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"Dickinson has given me the opportunity to pursue interests through research, coursework and internships," she says. "I'm excited to apply that knowledge to a new setting."

Constance Harris gets job.

Constance Harris '13

Hometown: Hamilton, N.J.

Major(s): Anthropology

Internship: Jacob's Pillow Dance 

Constance will begin an archives and engagement internship with Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, America's longest-running dance festival. Located in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts, Jacob's Pillow is a recipient of the National Medal of Arts and hosts more than 50 dance companies from around the world. Constance will mount exhibitions, create database records and assist scholars with access to the Pillow's archival material.

Katherine Heacock,gets job.

Katherine Heacock '13

Hometown:  Collegeville, Pa. 
Major(s): Archaeology 
Employer: Disney College Program

Katherine will participate in the Disney College Program, a paid internship at Walt Disney World in Orlando. She will work at the park, take personal and career-development classes with Disney, and interact with guests and cast members from all over the world. 

How did Dickinson prepare Katherine for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"Dickinson places heavy emphasis on becoming a global citizen and learning to engage the world," she says. "I can't think of a better way to put these skills to good use than creating great memories for families of many different backgrounds and nationalities."

Simon Hernandez gets job.

Simon Hernandez '13

Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.
Major(s): Biology
Employer: Yale University 

Simon will be a research assistant studying microbiology at Yale University. 

What were some of Simon's defining moments at Dickinson?

"Choosing to be a biology major; going abroad; and meeting great people that have helped me throughout my college experience," he says.

Matt Hillsberg gets job.

Matthew Hillsberg '13

Hometown: Rye, N.Y.

Major(s): Political Science

Employer: UJA-Federation of New York

Matt, who served as president of the College Democrats and as an intern at The William J. Clinton Foundation, has accepted a position with the UJA-Federation of New York, a nonprofit organization that pools the resources of nearly 60,000 donors to help people in need, inspire a passion for Jewish life and learning, and to strengthen Jewish communities around the world. Matt will help create planned-giving departments in schools and will assist with other development work.

How has Dickinson prepared Matt for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"Dickinson has enabled me to become the person I want to be, to do better and to give back," he says. 

Elizabeth Holland gets job.

Elizabeth Holland '13

Hometown: Richmond, Va.
Major(s): Theatre Arts
Internship: Williamstown Theatre Festival 

Elizabeth will work as a production-management intern for the Williamstown Theatre Festival, hosted by the Tony Award-Winning theatre in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. 

How has Dickinson prepared Elizabeth for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"A liberal-arts education allowed me to explore different career options and discover how the arts can merge with different areas of study," she says. "My professors were always invested in my success and helped me land a summer internship in New York City."

Helen Hopper gets job.

Helen Hopper '13

Hometown: Indianapolis, Ind.
Major(s): English
Employer: Teach for America 

Helen has accepted a teaching position with Teach for America in Baltimore.  She also has been accepted to The Johns Hopkins University and will simultaneously pursue her master's in urban education and secondary education. 

What were some of Helen's defining moments at Dickinson?

"Finishing my thesis was one of the defining moments of my time at Dickinson," she says. "I loved being an English major and very much enjoyed participating in that capstone experience. The intellectual community that was formed in my senior seminar was outstanding."

Sarah Howard gets job.

Sarah Howard '13

Hometown: East Chatham, N.Y.
Major(s): Art & Art History; French

Employer: Red Fuse Communications

Sarah will join Red Fuse Communications as community manager in the New York office. Red Fuse serves the massive account of Colgate-Palmolive, which teamed up its five advertising agencies, including Young & Rubincam and Wunderman, into a single operating unit in 2012. Sarah will work in advertising and marketing.

Mariya Hristova gets job.

Mariya Hristova '13

Hometown: Veliko Turnova, Bulgaria
Major(s): Economics
Employer: TransPerfect Translations 

Mariya will work as a sales account manager for TransPerfect Translations in Milan. Some of her duties include researching prospective clients and working with clients to ensure satisfaction. 

How has Dickinson prepared Mariya for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"My academic, social and work experiences at Dickinson have had a tremendous role in shaping me as an individual," she says. "I have all the tools I need to be successful in my personal life and career."

Alexandra Kaye gets job.

Alexandra Kaye '13

Hometown: Santiago, Chile
Major(s): Latin American/Latino/Caribbean Studies; Anthropology

Employer: Peace Corps 

Alexandra will work as a water and sanitation engineer to improve water in a small community in Peru. "I have had a beautiful time at Dickinson and now I cannot wait to learn outside of a classroom setting and apply everything I have learned over the past four years."

Elizabeth Key gets job.

Elizabeth Key '13

Hometown: Norfolk, Mass.
Major(s): Archaeology; Art & Art History

Employer: Teach for America

Elizabeth will teach a K-2 class for Teach for America in Chicago.

Kristina Krause gets job.

Kristina Krause '13

Hometown:  Honeoye Falls, N.Y. 
Major(s): Spanish 
Employer: Council on International Educational Exchange

Kristina will teach English in Spain during the 2013-14 academic year.

How has Dickinson prepared Kristina for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"Dickinson has given me an appreciation for other cultures and people," she says. "Leaving your country, family and friends to study or work abroad is not always easy, but after studying at Dickinson I have realized that you make new friends wherever you go and that you should take advantage of the opportunity to go abroad because the experience is invaluable."

Sarah Landers gets job.

Sarah Landers '13

Hometown:  Windsor, Conn. 
Major(s): Spanish
Employer: Council on International Educational Exchange

Sarah will teach English in Spain during the 2013-14 academic year.

What is Sarah anticipating most about her post-graduation plans?

"Living and working in Spain; meeting new people; experiencing new languages and cultures; and traveling around Europe," she says.

Heather Livingston gets job.

Heather Livingston '13

Hometown: Logansport, Ind.
Major(s): Environmental Studies

Employer: The Woolman School 

Heather will be one of eight community interns at The Woolman Semester School, a Quaker school in Northern California for high school juniors and seniors or students on a gap year that focuses on spirituality, peace, sustainability and social action. "As an intern I have the pleasure of working in the classroom, kitchen and organic garden," she says. "I look forward to working with and learning from students on all their projects. I also will have the opportunity to develop my own projects, so I hope to explore border feminism, migrant worker rights and food equity." During her time at the Dickinson College Farm, Heather worked with farm manager Jenn Halpin to develop a farm-based curriculum for children, called Sustainable Earth Education (SEED). Learn more about Heather and SEED

What are some of Heather's defining moments at Dickinson?

"Working with my hands at the College Farm gave me time and space to reflect on my inspirations and passions and allowed me to plan what I will do with all this knowledge and information I've been given," she says

Josh Margolis gets job.

Joshua Margolis '13

Hometown: Langhorne, Pa.
Major(s): Mathematics; Physics

Employer: Westminster School 

Joshua will be working at the Westminster School in Simsbury, Conn., as a physics teacher and coach. 

What were some of Joshua's defining moments at Dickinson?

"The sense of community and my interactions with both friends and professors," he says.

Avery McGuire gets job.

Avery McGuire '13

Hometown: Ithaca, N.Y.
Major(s): Anthropology
Internship: Nordic Food Lab 

From a houseboat in the Copenhagen harbor, Avery will explore the connection between cultural identity and cuisine as part of her internship with Nordic Food Lab, a nonprofit organization established in 2008 to explore the building blocks of Nordic cuisine through traditional and modern gastronomies, and to share these results with chefs, academics, industry and the public. "I will be working with chefs, food scientists and other anthropologists to reestablish Nordic cuisine with an emphasis on local ingredients that promote animal and farmer welfare, sustainability, health and distinctively Nordic flavors," she says.

Leah McNamara gets job.

Leah McNamara '13

Hometown: Littleton, Colo. 
Major(s):International Business & Management; Economics  
Employer: Wells Fargo Global Financial Institutions

An internship for Wells Fargo led to a position in finance with the firm in Philadelphia.

What were some of the defining moments of Leah's Dickinson experience?

 "One-on-one relationships with professors; working in the writing center; presenting at conferences; meeting alumni; being exposed to new cultures on campus and abroad; giving back to the school through admissions and residential life; and taking classes in many interesting fields," she says.

Layla Meyer gets job.

Layla Meyer '13

Hometown: Hastings on Hudson, N.Y.
Major(s): Theatre Arts

Employer: The Anneliese von Oettingen (AVO) School of Ballet and Ballet Companies 

Layla will teach outreach classes and dance workshops at the Batesville, Ind. YMCA before teaching ballet and modern classes weekly at AVO Ballet's main studio in Cincinnati. Learn more about Layla and her position with AVO Ballet.

How has Dickinson prepared Layla for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"I would not have gotten this job without my close relationship with my advisor and the networking options I have due to that relationship," she says. "A liberal-arts education has provided me with unique skills that set me apart from other dancers and dance educators."

Bruke Mikesell gets job.

Bruke Mikesell '13

Hometown: Columbia, Md.
Major(s): Economics

Employer: The Advisory Board Company

Bruke has accepted a position as a sales and marketing associate and will assist the marketing director by preparing background material and market research as well as developing campaigns for event recruitment. The Advisory Board Company is a global research, technology and consulting firm serving the health care and higher education industries.

Megan Moody gets job.

Megan Moody '13

Hometown: Princeton, N.J.

Major(s): Environmental Studies

Employer: Dickinson College Farm

Megan will work as a College Farm Apprentice. The apprenticeships prepare Dickinson graduates for leadership positions on diversified farms or for careers related to food, sustainability and education.

Caitlin Moriarty gets job.

Caitlin Moriarty '13

Hometown: Shoreview, Minn.
Major(s): Political Science; Russian

Employer: Waidner-Spahr Library, Dickinson College

Caitlin will return to Dickinson next year as the Friends of the Library intern. She will learn about different aspects of the field of library and information services, focusing on accessibility issues and archives and special collections.

Marian Mueller-wolf gets job.

Marian Mueller-Wolf '13

Hometown: Hamburg, Germany
Major(s): International Business & Management
Employer: BNP Paribas Corporate & Investment Banking

Marian will provide financial solutions and acquisition advisory services to increase the company's asset portfolio.

How has Dickinson prepared Marian for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"Dickinson has helped me to engage the world and focus my business education on global topics," he says. "More importantly, I developed the analytical and critical-thinking skills that are essential in my industry and that enable me to pursue a competitive career."

martin Navrette, gets job.

Martin Navarette '13

Hometown: Ozone Park, N.Y.  
Major(s): International Business & Management

Employer: Condé Nast/WIRED 

Martin will work as an advertising sales associate for the WIRED brand. Some of his duties include preparing advertising proposals and working with strategic marketing and digital planners to generate new ways to engage targeted advertisers. Martin credits Dickinson faculty for contributing to his success. "I still talk to my favorite professors about articles and innovations in the marketplace," he says. 

How has Dickinson prepared Martin for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"There are basic principles of learning, but what Dickinson has given me is the perspective to think creatively," he says.

Oanh-nhi Nguyen gets job.

Oanh-Nhi Nguyen '13

Hometown: White Plains, N.Y.
Major(s): International Studies, Policy Management

Employer: AEquitas

This summer, Oanh-Nhi will be working with AEquitas, whose mission is to improve the quality of justice in sexual and intimate-partner violence, stalking, and human trafficking cases, to develop a new project to prevent the re-occurrence of trafficked victims in Philadelphia. In the fall, she will return to her alma mater, Convent of the Sacred Heart High School in Greenwich, Conn., as the interim broadcast journalism studio director. 

What is Oanh-Nhi most anticipating about her post-graduation plans?

"I am most excited about continuing my research on human trafficking and expanding my technical skills in filmmaking," she says.

Christopher Pianko gets job.

Christopher Pianko '13

Hometown: Doylestown, Pa.

Major(s): Economics; Computer Science

Employer: Johnson and Johnson Health Care Systems

Christopher has accepted a position in supply chain management at Johnson and Johnson Health Care Systems in Piscataway, N.J., where he will analyze customers' product data needs and troubleshoot data quality and timing issues.

Where were some of the defining moments of Christopher's Dickinson experience?

"Playing lacrosse for four years taught me teamwork, time management and communication skills," he says.

Julia Rasamny gets job.

Julia Rasamny '13

Hometown: Scarsdale, N.Y.
Major(s): Earth Sciences

Employer: Pennsylvania Department of Education 

Julia has been accepted into the Philadelphia Teaching Fellows program to teach general science to students in grades 7-12. She also will pursue her master's from Drexel University. 

What is Julia most anticipating about her post-graduation plans?

"I have wanted to be a teacher since my junior year of high school and that goal is finally coming true," she says.

Alysia Rodgers gets job.

Alysia Rodgers '13

Hometown: Bethesda, Md.
Major(s): Economics

Employer: Cambridge Associates 

Alysia will be a junior associate with the management information group on the private-investments data team for Cambridge Associates, a financial consulting firm. 

How has Dickinson prepared Alysia for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"Dickinson has provided me with challenging courses, the opportunity to balance athletics and academics, and to have close relationships with professors and classmates," she says. "Dickinson also enabled me to participate in a renowned study-abroad program, which expanded my global perspective and understanding of different cultures."

Nathalie rosenthal gets job.

Nathalie Rosenthal '13

Hometown: Villanova, Pa.
Major(s): History

Employer: Advantexe Learning Solutions 

Nathalie has accepted a position in business consulting at an award-winning training and development organization in Conshohocken, Pa. 

How has Dickinson prepared Nathalie for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"I have developed and improved my research and writing skills," she says.

Svenja Schneider gets job.

Svenja Schneider '13

Hometown: Yorktown Heights, N.Y.
Major(s): Biology

Employer: West Africa AIDS Foundation 

Svenja will be working in an HIV clinic in Accra, Ghana, to help run community-outreach programs and assist in research and grant-writing.

Brian Schwartz gets job.

Brian Schwartz '13

Hometown: Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.

Major(s): American Studies

Employer: NFL Network

Brian will join the Los Angeles-based NFL Network as a production assistant. He will work with lead producers, create game highlights and write scripts. Brian spent four years as the "voice of Dickinson" providing play-by-play and color commentary for Red Devils athletics on WDCV. "I am excited to have the chance to work with the talented employees at the NFL Network," he says. "It will be a surreal experience because of their extensive knowledge of sports television production.

How has Dickinson prepared Brian for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"Dickinson gave me a jump start on my career," he says. "From broadcasting numerous Centennial Conference championships to interviewing coaches and athletes, all of the experience I had at Dickinson prepared me for an exciting career in sports television," he says.

Audrey Scott gets job.

Audrey Scott '13

Hometown: Butler, Pa.
Major(s): English

Employer:  L.E.A.F. Education 

This summer, Audrey will return to Carlisle to serve as a mentor and team leader for high-school age youth who are working on local farms and developing leadership and community-building skills through sustainable agriculture. "There is something about meaningful, outdoor work which really bonds people together in powerful ways," she says. "I feel that this will be an excellent change to engage in the sustainable-agriculture movement, which I have been inspired to learn about since coming to Dickinson." 

How has Dickinson prepared Audrey for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"Dickinson has opened my eyes to the amazing opportunity-filled world and taught me to hold on to meaningful memories and then go take the world by storm, knowing that we are never alone."

Leah Silver gets job.

Leah Silver '13

Hometown: Durham, N.C.

Major(s): American Studies

Employer: Repair the World

Leah has accepted a yearlong fellowship with Repair the World, a Jewish nonprofit that mobilizes communities to volunteer and bring positive change to neighborhoods. She will be based in either Philadelphia or Baltimore. "My primary task will be to create meaningful, high-impact service projects that address critical needs in the areas of education, housing, hunger and more," she says.

How has Dickinson prepared Leah for Life Beyond the Limestone?
"Dickinson strengthened my commitment to social justice," she says. "I am excited to make a real impact through community organizing and to facilitate positive change for communities in need."

Ben Snyder gets job.

Ben Snyder '13

Hometown: Virginia Beach, Va.
Major(s): Environmental Studies
Employer: Hyundai Capital Services, Inc.

Ben has located to Seoul, South Korea, for his job with Hyundai Capital Services, Inc., a consumer finance company and subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company. "I am helping Hyundai make its workplace more global," he says. "Because of my extensive experience abroad, I feel that I have acclimated quickly and am able to understand the most critical areas for improving Hyundai's global edge."

How has Dickinson prepared Ben for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"The chief lesson Dickinson has taught me is acceptance of diversity, not only on a personal level, but also in regards to cultural sensitivity while interning in an entirely different country."

Ruby Stanmyer gets job.

Ruby Stanmyer '13

Hometown: Stone Ridge, N.Y.
Major(s): Environmental Science

Employer: Evening Song Farm

Ruby has accepted an apprenticeship in Vermont where she will learn how to run a small, sustainable farm. 

How has Dickinson prepared Ruby for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"I feel as though my time at Dickinson has equipped me with a broad range of skills and knowledge through my environmental science major, my experience studying abroad in England and Costa Rica, as well as my work at the Alliance for Aquatic Resource monitoring.

Claire Tighe gets job.

Claire Tighe '13

Hometown: Wilmette, Ill.
Major(s): Women's & Gender Studies

Employer: NationBuilder

Claire will work with NationBuilder, the Los Angeles-based software company that develops online platforms for political and community organizing. "I was using NationBuilder software where I interned and I found and applied for the job." Claire will work with nonprofits and advocacy groups around the world representing a range of causes to "change the world through the internet," she says. Claire was one of 11 Dickinson students who attended the COP17 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa in 2011 as part of a year of intensive study and research about global climate-change science, consequences and international policy, with a focus on Africa.

Matthew Weddig gets job.

Matthew Weddig '13

Hometown: Libertyville, Ill.
Major(s): Biology; English

Internship: NPR 

Matt has landed an internship with NPR's Digital News in Arts & Entertainment Desk in Washington, D.C. He will be editing and producing Web site and podcast content for books, movies and other arts sections on NPR.org. He also will assist with writing and editing news and feature coverage. 

How has Dickinson prepared Matthew for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"With a liberal-arts education from Dickinson, I was able to study a wider variety of subjects and develop universally applicable skills," he says. "I could not have gotten this academic diversity through any other kind of education." 

Jianan Yang gets job.

Jianan Yang '13

Hometown: Wuhan, China.

Major(s): International Business & Management; Mathematics.

Employer: Deutsche Bank

Jianan has accepted a position in investment banking at Deutsche Bank in New York. He has deferred his acceptance to MIT Sloan School of Management to work for Deutsche Bank.

How has Dickinson prepared Jianan for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"Double majoring in international business & management and mathematics has given me an edge; I'm good at both numbers and business. This is a great combination for a career in finance," he says. "My professors and the Career Center helped prepare me." 

Published March 25, 2013