Volunteer Spotlight: Joe Carver '59

When did you being volunteering for Dickinson? 
A year after I graduated in 1959, I began my “career” in higher education in the Admissions Office at Dickinson. Ben James was my first boss. (By the way he interviewed and admitted me.) After a couple of years at the College, I felt that I had to spread out by going to another institution for purposes of advancement. That precluded me from doing volunteer work for Dickinson. Moving on to several other colleges, I spent the bulk of my career in admissions and could not really volunteer until I retired in 1999. 

What prompted you to want to get more involved with Dickinson?
I attended a Volunteer Weekend in 1999 and my volunteerism took off.

List the volunteer opportunities you participate in: 
I serve as an admissions volunteer in Massachusetts and Arizona and I am the class agent for my class. 

What do you enjoy most about your volunteer experience?
The admissions interviewing process keeps me up to date on college policies and procedures and allows me to meet bright young women and men who might become future Dickinsonians. My class agent work permits me to stay in touch with old friends and hopefully grow the coffers at the college.

A fun Dickinson fact about yourself:
Few would have believed that I would devote my entire career to higher education.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about volunteering?
Be certain that you can exert the time and energy to your volunteer assignments; don't sign on unless you will do the work.

What have you learned about yourself through volunteering?
I've learned that volunteering keeps you younger than your years. 

Why do you choose to give to Dickinson? 
I give to help sustain Dickinson to make it a better institution than it was when I was an undergraduate.

Published July 8, 2014