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Nora Snee '15 introduces a guest speaker during a Clarke Forum event.

Nora Snee '15 introduces a guest speaker during a Clarke Forum event. Photo courtesy of Nora Snee.

Nora Snee ’15  

By MaryAlice Bitts-Jackson

Nora Snee ’15 wanted to travel the world, and she wanted to gain an in-depth understanding of the cultures she encountered. So she took on an international-studies major and spent her junior year studying in Argentina, Ecuador and Cameroon. Learn more about this top scholar and award-winning swimmer, including her internships at home and abroad, her advice to the timid and why her global friendships take priority.


International studies.

Clubs and organizations:

Dickinson women’s swim team, Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues (project manager) and Parameters (the U.S. Army War College quarterly journal), Security Studies Institute (intern).

Favorite place on campus:

The Clarke Forum offices.


Dean’s list, Benjamin Rush scholarship and McEvoy Award (swim team).

On choosing a major:

I chose international studies because I’m interested in understanding the world and working internationally, and I wanted the opportunity to go abroad.

Favorite books:

Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse and All the King’s Men by Robert Penn Warren.

Favorite movie:


Most important thing I’ve learned so far:

Traveling abroad broadened my horizons. I also learned to say “yes” to new experiences and not to be afraid.

On studying abroad:

I studied abroad for the full year [in 2013-14]; I was in Argentina and Ecuador during the fall and in Cameroon during the spring. The people, experiences and adventures (traveling and eating new foods, like gunea pig!) were amazing in all three countries. But the best part was the relationships I developed with my host families. They were open and welcoming, and they treated me like their daughter. They also helped me understand their cultures.

Favorite Dining Hall food:

Tomato soup and grilled cheese.

As a kid, I wanted to be …

… a marine archeologist. I wanted to explore sunken ships.

Little-known hobby:

Art. I wanted to go to art school for a long time. I used to do a lot of large installation and sculpture pieces, and I still try to find time to practice and draw.

Proudest accomplishment:

Valuable friendships at Dickinson and around the world. They balance me and keep me grounded.

Biggest influence:

My swim coach in high school, Christian Doud. He taught me to push my limits past my comfort zone and to trust myself.

About my internships:

I really enjoy my current internship at Parameters. I like the intersection of international relations and the real-world application of publishing and journalism, and I’m learning a lot about the industry, the practices and structure of the organization, professionalism and the value of work and personal relationships. I also had three previous internships: at the National Security Network (summer 2014), the Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute (U.S. Army War College, spring 2013) and at Cameroon Youths and Students Forum for Peace (Cameroon, spring 2014).

Post-Dickinson plans:

To work in developing counties, South America and Sub-Saharan Africa, either with the government or NGOs or in journalism. I’m interested in post-conflict development, national security and international peacemaking.

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Published December 12, 2014