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zev greenberg

Photo by Carl Socolow '77.

Zev Greenberg '16 becomes the next Dickinsonian to win prestigious EPA-GRO grant

by Sasha Shapiro '15 

This year, Zev Greenberg ’16 has become Dickinson’s second student to be awarded an EPA-GRO (U.S Environmental Protection Agency, Greater Research Opportunities) fellowship grant for environmental research. This prestigious $50,000 grant extends over two academic years and is awarded to only 34 students nationwide each year.

Through their personal statements and professors’ recommendations, students are evaluated by a peer-review committee on their academic achievement and career goals in environmental science, as well as their scientific creativity and curiosity.

Students receive the grant at the beginning of their junior year, and it extends until graduation. Winners of the EPA-GRO fellowship are given the exclusive opportunity to conduct research with primary environmental investigators over a fully funded 12-week summer internship program. With over 100 EPA labs across the country to choose from, students can enhance their research skills and prepare for a career in environmental science.

“I’m excited to try something new and to explore areas that might represent a good direction for the future,” Greenberg said, noting that he'll be headed to Athens, GA, where he'll work in the Office of Research and Development, National Exposure Research Laboratory.

During his application process, the double major in chemistry and biochemistry & molecular biology collaborated with Associate Professor of Chemistry Amy Witter on research involving nicotine levels in tobacco, and he’s excited to add the EPA-GRO project to his research portfolio.

“I hope to broaden my understanding of, and skill with, laboratory techniques,” he said. Greenberg hopes to explore his interests in chemistry and molecular biology by focusing on toxicology and the adverse effects chemicals have on humans, animals and vegetation in our environment.

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Published November 21, 2014