• Pielanthropy: Meet & Greet
    Thursday, Nov. 19 2015
    Stop by to enjoy free pie with Devils' Advocates Student Philanthropy Council members and share your thoughts about why philanthropy is important to our Dickinson student experience. Sponsored by Devils' Advocates Student Philanthropy Council. President: Emily Gamber; Events Chair: Emma Schultz; Staff Advisor: Audrey Eisenberg
  • Day of Giving: April 2016
    An annual day dedicated to raising awareness and support for the Dickinson Fund via social media outreach and on-campus programming  
  • A Day to Thank: April 2016
    An annual day dedicated to thanking alumni, parents and other community members who have supported the Dickinson Fund  
  • Red & White Day: Saturday, April 16, 2016
    A celebration of Dickinson’s athletic teams and traditions
  • New member recruitment/selection event(s)
  • Student donor engagement events