Devils' Advocates Student Philanthropy Council Membership


  • Must be a full-time student with at least one full academic year remaining
  • Must have a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA at time of application and maintain a 2.5 GPA to remain a member
  • Must be in good standing with regard to academic and community (social) standards


Members of the Devils’ Advocates Student Philanthropy Council have an honor and privilege given to few students. Dickinson College places trust in you, values your participation, and supports your growth through this endeavor as a student and citizen. To meet our shared mission and achieve annual student philanthropy goals, selected students must:

  • Show enthusiasm, loyalty, and dedication to Dickinson College
  • Demonstrate an understanding of, or a willingness to learn about, all aspects of the Dickinson Fund and Dickinson’s philanthropic history
  • Participate in philanthropy education, solicitation and stewardship events to raise awareness and support for the Dickinson Fund from current students, alumni and friends of the College
  • Commit to serving for a minimum of one academic year (with the exception of juniors who must serve at least one full semester of their junior year if studying abroad for the other semester)
  • Make membership a high priority as demonstrated by consistent attendance and effort; attend all mandatory training sessions, meetings, and annual membership review; be available for night and/or weekend events as identified at the time of application and each semester
  • Represent Dickinson College with maturity, integrity and professionalism, displaying an appropriate personal appearance at all Devils’ Advocates events
  • Exhibit strong public speaking and interpersonal skills with groups and individuals and a comfort with initiating conversations with alumni, donors, and friends of Dickinson College
  • Exhibit strong customer-service skills: have a positive, helpful, “can-do” attitude
  • Agree to and sign confidentiality form and photo release form
  • Refrain from the following while representing the Dickinson Fund at on- or off-campus events:
    Use of any illegal substance(s)
    Vulgar or disruptive language

Attendance Requirements

Regular attendance at all-council and committee meetings is expected. Chronic absences will result in a forfeiture of membership at the discretion of the student president and staff advisor. Members will be expected to participate in all of the following:

  • Once-per-semester mandatory training meetings (Saturday or Sunday)
  • Monthly all-council meetings, held the second Tuesday of each month during Common Hour
  • Weekly committee meetings (every member will belong to at least one standing committee)

In addition to regular membership meetings, students selected for the Devils’ Advocates Student Philanthropy Committee will be expected to participate in the following programs and/or events:

  • Charter Day
  • Activities Fair
  • Homecoming & Family Weekend
  • Student donor engagement events
  • Day of Giving: an annual day dedicated to raising awareness and support for the Dickinson Fund via social media outreach and on-campus programming
  • A Day to Thank: an annual day dedicated to thanking alumni, parents and other community members who have supported the Dickinson Fund
  • New member recruitment/selection event(s)

Other opportunities may include:

  • Alumni Council meetings
  • Dickinson Volunteer Summit
  • John Dickinson Society reception(s) and other regionally-based donor relations activities
  • One College One Community regional events
  • Alumni Weekend
  • Convocation and/or commencement ceremonial duties