The Sexuality Studies minor will explore sexuality as a central category of difference, investigating how the meanings attached to sexual practices, desires and identities impact people's lives and create hierarchies among them.  This minor encompasses both the fields of LGBT studies (emphasizing such topics as the plasticity of sexuality and gendered identities; challenging dominant binaries of both heterosexual/homosexual and woman/man; and exploring the unique histories, experiences, politics and power dynamics cleaving to sexual and gendered pluralities) and queer theory (emphasizing how queerness extends beyond LGB identities, unpacking the way identity categories themselves are formed through processes of inclusion and exclusion, and investigating the behaviors and desires operating beyond LGB categories). 

Topics explored in the Sexuality Studies minor include the construction and maintenance of norms governing sex, gender, and sexuality; campus sexual assault; burgeoning social inquiry into diverse experiences and expression of gendered identity; medical advances in the treatment of HIV; analysis of how sexual regulation shapes globalizations past and present; greater legibility of civil rights and antidiscrimination projections for queer and trans individuals; increased public awareness of trafficking; and emerging investigations into how new technologies shift and consolidate sexual norms and practices.