The Career Center uses two primary databases to post internships, research, jobs (full-time, part-time, summer), scholarships and fellowships – DickinsonConnect & LACN. 

So, what are these resources and how are they different?


Students and alumni can:
•    Apply and sign up for On-Campus Interviews or resume referrals
•    Search All Jobs (Full-time Part-time or Summer Opportunities)
•    Search internships exclusively for Dickinson students passed along by alumni, parents, friends, and local organizations
•    Search for Grad Scholarships & Fellowships
•    View and sign up for events/programs

Need help using the DickinsonConnect system?
View video tutorials and printable instructions.

How can you access the system?

  • Current Student Users:
    • Current students can sign in to DickinsonConnect using their campus account credentials.
    • Click on the “ACADEMIC RESOURCES” link in the left navigation bar.
    • A link for DickinsonConnect will be under the CAREER CENTER RESOURCES heading.

  • Registered Alumni Users:
    Enter your username and password and click "LOGIN".  Click the "Forgot your password?" link if you need your password sent or send a message to for further assistance.

  • New Alumni Users:
    If you have NOT registered with this site before, click the "CLICK HERE TO REGISTER" link on the page to create a new account.

For further assistance, please contact our office at or (717) 245-1740.

Liberal Arts Career NetWORK (LACN)

LACN is a consortium of 35 top liberal arts colleges and universities that collaborate to provide resources and opportunities for liberal arts students and graduates.  Students and alumni can access:

•    LACN Database full of internships, research, job, fellowship and scholarship information sourced from alumni and employer partners of 35+ highly selective, private, liberal arts schools.

How can you access the LACN database?

Current Student Users:
Username: your full Dickinson email address; Password: your Banner ID

Alumni Users:
If you’ve previously used LACN, click the "Forgot your password?" link.  Otherwise, click on “Register” to register for a new account.  

•    Jump to the Nationwide Internships Consortium (NIC) listings within the LACN database. NIC provides Dickinson students with more internship and research postings from 18 peer institutions (many are from the West Coast).

•    Spotlight on Careers, a collaborative resource of online guides and tips about career fields popular with liberal arts students and graduates. 

How can you access the Spotlight on Careers site?

Username: spotlightaccess
Password: liberalarts2015

The Dickinson College Career Center adheres to the National Association of
Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles for Professional Practice.