The Center for Advising, Internships & Lifelong Career Development at Dickinson provides students with various recruitment opportunities. One form of this is through career/job/internship fairs.

Please note that each fair is very different in style and set up. Fairs that are endorsed or sponsored by Dickinson will likely provide you with a very different experience than those that are not. While we inform students of all the opportunities and fairs that we are aware of, we do not necessarily endorse each fair.

Typical characteristics of fairs:

Dickinson Endorsed Fairs (Sometimes also sponsored by Dickinson)

  • A limited number of participating schools
  • Employers are aware of participating schools
  • Relatively short lines to speak with employers
  • A relatively small number of candidates attending (400-500)
  • The Center for Advising, Internships & Lifelong Career Development often provides van transportation

Non-Dickinson Sponsored Fairs

  • Open to a large number of schools
  • Employers may or may not be aware of participating schools
  • The potential for long lines to speak with employers
  • The potential for a large number of candidates attending (400-1000+ )
  • Dickinson Endorsed/Sponsored Fairs

Dickinson endorses two fairs: The Capital Region Internship Fair at Penn State Harrisburg and the Not-for-Profit Networking Fair in Philadelphia, PA (held at either Haverford or Bryn Mawr Colleges on alternating years).  These fairs are held in cooperation with other area institutions of higher education and some of them are co-sponsored by Dickinson.

Non-Dickinson Sponsored Fairs
Please be aware that some of these fairs will require you to apply in advance and only those who are invited may attend. Others may be open fairs, meaning that anyone may attend, regardless of education level. Often, these fairs may have very large numbers of job/internship seekers which can lead to long lines to speak with organizations. Some students find these fairs to be overwhelming. While many of these fairs are good resources and can lead to promising opportunities, it is best to be prepared for the type of experience you may encounter as it can be very different from Dickinson endorsed/sponsored fairs.

How to Succeed at a Job Fair