First-Friday 15's

To many, networking can be intimidating. But gaining experience in the art of networking through quick conversations with Dickinson alumni and parents is a tremendous way to feel more confident in talking to professionals in your career of choice. That’s why we created First-Friday 15s, mini networking events that happen on the first Friday of every month.

Students sign up to talk to alumni in a wide range of professions—such as consulting, finance, environmental science, marketing & communications, law, politics and human resource management—and discuss their skills and interests and how they match up with various careers. What better way to learn how to network than … to network!

Industry Immersion Series

Dickinson’s Industry Immersion series is a succession of career exploration events in which students connect with alumni and employers in industries of interest. From alumni panels to employer information sessions, you'll get the chance to fully immerse yourself in the professions that you want to explore now and potentially pursue as a career in the future. Previous industry immersion series include those in technology, sports & entertainment, finance, consulting and green jobs.

Road Trips to the Real World

Road Trips to the Real World is a program that offers an exclusive opportunity for students and alumni to join a virtual site visit during the January winter break to learn firsthand about a career field, network with top employers and their employees and explore internship and job opportunities.

Winter Break Pathways

These 5-6 week winter break sessions offers Dickinson students a chance to engage in career exploration and development and gain employment skills. Building off the success of Dickinson’s winter break Job Shadow and Road Trip to the Real World programs, students will use their winter break session to engage in one of the following areas of interest:

These pathways were selected based on labor trends, current student and alumni interests and prospective student data around career aspirations. As an example pathway, a student interested in consulting could participate in the consulting track with the following activities:

  • Participate in a “Road Trip to the Real World” at Deloitte.
  • Take on an externship project at EAB with an alum.
  • Take a series of online bootcamp courses taught by alumni in the field or through a platform like LinkedIn Learning.
  • Participate in a consulting simulation project with Accenture using Forage.
  • Conduct a series of 30-minute informational interviews with alumni in consulting over the course of an afternoon.
  • Work on a mock case together as a group with an alum in the field.

The Winter Pathways are not four-year programs but a way for interested students to supplement their academic experience with key skills, experiences and projects related to a career field of interest. Students can participate in a different winter break path each session or “upskill” in the same pathway each year.

To be open to all students regardless of location, the program will be offered virtually. In some cases, students may have the option to attend an in-person offering.